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08/28/16 Rev. Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
“Prayer Sunday”

Terri Curtin signs a prayer. Rev. Sheila talks about the power of prayer. Marion Crew describes the Unity of Walnut Creek Heart Ministry.

08/21/16 Rev. David McArthur
“Outrageous Forgiveness”

 Last week we spoke of outrageous generosity. The next step of our journey is when we see so much violence in our time, we recognize the invitation to step into an even greater consciousness. The higher level then, becomes outrageous forgiveness.

Spirit allows us to to see the turmoil and pain. It is no longer hidden in Shadow. We see it; it affects us and impels us to deal with it. We work on forgiveness all the time. What I’m talking about is outrageous forgiveness. I think of that moment when Nelson Mandela walked out of prison. He said of it that if he hadn’t left that pain and injustice behind, he would never be free, which is what he wanted for all. And apartheid fell. Outrageous forgiveness.

It’s when we want this in our lives and family and world that we can do it. But if you haven’t noticed, not everyone does.

In our families we have ones who act out their pain, and in their addictive behavior blame us. When we are hurt it is our assignment to heal the hurt within, and it is our assignment to say there is no place here in our family for this pain anymore. Outrageous forgiveness. Step into wholeness. We have to live these truths to bring this higher consciousness.

There is an abuse within many religions that has hurt too many. How many thousands of women have been told to forgive and go back into their abusive environment!!? Love says no, it has to end. Love also is true compassion. If we ask them to step up higher, the pain is no more. There is our freedom.

Some people in our own community were acting out their pain and projecting it on others until it became extreme. By the third time we had to say, “You can’t be here.” Our experience here with this took away our emotional safety, which is necessary for a community like ours. So some had to step away. But holding the forgiveness and the higher level, some returned to this place of affirmation and wholeness beyond the pain. This is the place of love, forgiveness, wholeness, of a commitment that this is a place of outrageous forgiveness. And then we know the beauty in others.

Join as we create a consciousness of forgiveness and love which holds the highest for those of family and community. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. This is not ordinary forgiveness; it is higher, more. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. When you see the violence on TV. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. When we look at the person in the family who has not found their wholeness. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. Ok, that’s the easy part. How about self. Lift yourself up. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. Spirit made us outrageous anyway, how could you not?

08/14/16 Rev. David McArthur
“Outrageous Generosity”

When we go into the deeper love, that which is not like that deeper love shows up to be healed. There is a secret: in dealing with this lower vibration which shows up to be healed, go to a higher vibration. Rise up to that level of consciousness which is the nature of the divine. Among those higher frequencies, higher vibrations, there is one which has meant more to me. It is generosity. It is the very nature of the divine, the expression of the divine.
Remember when we talked about tithing and the experiment of a Quaker church in the thirties. Testing biblical law, they took a quarter inch of wheat and sewed it, then tithed on what was harvested from that one crop. Every year they planted 9/10ths of the harvest that had originated from that quarter inch measure, tithing the rest. By the 6th year they reaped 57,000 bushels, 13 times what would have normally been reaped! When we bring in that higher vibration, that love, that infinite power of abundance, it flows! So say with me, I am generous! I am generous! I am generous!

When people let go they naturally step into their generosity. A 14 year old boy wanted to do something for his mother who had breast cancer. He thought of shaving his head to show his solidarity with her. He hoped to raise a hundred dollars by going about his neighborhood and let people shave a bit of his head for a donation. Knowing the neighborhood, his father didn’t think his son would raise a hundred dollars. The boy came home with $1223.00!  Do you feel the heart? That natural abundance? It is our nature to be generous. It isn’t a struggle; it is a flow.

Are you ready for the next level? OUTRAGEOUS generosity? A nurse saw a starving little girl take a single piece of bread (all she had to eat for the whole day) and break it and give her brother the larger piece. Can you feel that generous heart? The world is filled with it. A teacher got laid off. One of her former students sent a $1000 check for her rent! Outrageous generosity! Isn’t that what we’re about? We’re the recipients of that infinite flow. The universe brings this to us.

Lately, here, we’ve had more outflow than income, so myself and my wife and Rev. Sheila and many board members have decided to tithe 20%. We understand this is an invitation. I’ve got six weeks left in this position. In that six weeks will you join me in the financial health of this church? Know there is more than enough!

Dan, a 25 year old, liked to bike to work in Wales. He was hit by a car and paralyzed from the chest down. He heard of a new stem cell treatment in China. His friends raised $30,000 for it. Then Dan heard of a five year old boy also in Wales who had cerebral palsy from birth and had never walked. This little lad could get a healing treatment in St. Louis for $100,000, but his family could only raise half of that. Dan gave him his $30,000. Outrageous generosity!

Let’s change that. I am generous, outrageously generous! I am generous, outrageously generous! I am generous, outrageously generous! Feel it within. Generosity. Outrageous generosity. What a state of consciousness to live in! All of us are instruments through which this world is transformed. And it’s fun! We are here to step into this flow.

I am generous, outrageously generous! I am generous, outrageously generous! I am generous, outrageously generous! You are because God is! Bless you!

Rev. Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
“Treasures from the Shadow”

From Debbie Ford, one of my teachers:
“The shadow contains all the parts of ourselves that we try to hide, deny or suppress… Most of us expend huge amounts of energy …to hide our bad qualities from those around us – even from ourselves.

The result of turning our backs on our dark side? A life that slips by only half lived. Dreams … never realized…lay buried… Until we make peace with our shadow we will continue to be at war with ourselves…What we resist persists …Until we take back our power and forgive ourselves for being human we will attract people who push our buttons… All we have to do is look at how the outer world treats us. If we’re not getting the respect, love and appreciation we desire from the outer world, it’s more than likely we aren’t giving these things to ourselves… The whole world is a mirror of our own consciousness, and when we make peace with the disowned aspects of ourselves, we make peace with the world.”

We are on the threshold of a quantum shift in consciousness. What comes up to be revealed comes up to be healed. 90% of our shadow is formed between the ages of 7 to 10 from what we heard or thought we heard. “Don’t be so selfish.” “That other kid is always so kind. He shares his toys.” We hear the difference and want to be unselfish and so we give our selfs away. There is resentment underneath. We are whole; there are times to give to others and times to give to self. The law of the universe is giving and receiving. This means loving our shadows. It gives us balance. It is not selfish but self-full. There is good buried within.

A young fellow told me he was 8 when he was introduced to violence. His life became violence and drugs until he got his teenage girlfriend pregnant. Then he knew he had to bring peace into his life. He found balance becoming a pro in martial arts. Another person this morning said she wakes up with her shadow every morning and pretty much goes through the day in it. It is a method of protection, but becomes so uncomfortable we project it on others. So remember, when you’re pointing you finger at someone, the other 3 fingers are pointing back at you. We have to own it, recognize it’s part of us. As we take ownership of what is expressed it disappears. In the 23rd psalm the Death in the Valley is that stuff. It does not want to be denied. It seeks recognition. But we can heal.

The steps for healing are IAAAFLC (not the Aflac duck; refer to the handout attached). I is for inventory of the stuff we’ve buried. A is assessment, where it came from; how it started. The next A is acceptance; then A for appreciate it, bring self care in. F for forgive. Forgive it, forgive yourself, your parents, siblings. They did the best that they could at the time. L: love. I can’t expect you to love me if I don’t. C is compassion for your shadow, your self, for the expression of it in today’s world. They’re doing the best they can with what they have. If they knew better they’d do better.

We are close to 1% of the world population being at the higher level (the critical mass). We are created in the image and likeness of that which created the world! We can do it!

I love and accept myself just the way I am in all my Power and Magnificence! I love and accept myself just the way I am in all my Power and Magnificence! I love and accept myself just the way I am in all my Power and Magnificence!

07/31/16 Rev. Denese Schellink
“The Wisdom of the Heart”

I’m not always clear on what I should do, but I do pay attention and I listen to my heart. I’m reading “The Power of The Heart” by Baptist de Pape. He recounts how he had prepared for a career in law and was offered a position with a prestigious firm. But when it came time to sign the contract he couldn’t do it. He had a “broken open” heart experience where his heart told him not to sign. The heart is the portal to the divine. When God says, “Hello! You’re not moving in the path best for you,” it can be very painful before the joy comes through.

Did you know the heart produces the hormone oxytocin? It magnifies the love/connection we long for. We are here to love and be a non-anxious presence. We are here at Unity to awaken to who we came here to be. I don’t just want to learn about God, I want to KNOW God.

Baptist de Pape came out of his devastating change when he, fortunately, saw Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey’s series on The New Earth. At one level our world is in turmoil. We are at a paradigm shift of consciousness, hospicing the old and birthing the new. We live in both. We live in the place of unity, seeing the Christ in one another, and then we go out in the world, and we say, “Who are these people?”

Paradigm one has an air of fear, distrust, “I’m right; you’re wrong,” separation, miscommunication, win/lose. There’s the anxiousness: “you’ve done something to me.” We can believe it or rise above and shift our consciousness.
Paradigm two is one of cooperaton, of “enough”, of generosity, love, trust, acceptance. No one is against me. The entire universe is here for me. It is one of infinite possibilities. Abundance is here and now. What someone else thinks of me is none of my business. Yes!

The two paradigms are colliding. There’s upset. Our job is to hold the space between them. “Out beyond right and wrong I will meet you there.” (Rumi) That’s where we want to dance, where we honor all and everyone gets to come to the table. Learn to be that non-anxious presence. Heal. Embrace the human and express the spiritual. Know your shadow! If we can embrace what it is we can create a world for all. Then your gift comes easy.

Colonel Sanders retired when he was 65. His first monthly Social Security check was only $105! That’s when I believe his heart opened. He asked himself what was his gift, what could he do to have more? He knew that he made great chicken. He began by selling it to his neighbors and you know he soon made millions.

There’s a story about a pair of twins in the womb. They laugh and play and feel it’s great to be alive. “How great is our mother’s love that she shares her life with us!” “Maybe there’s life after birth.” They saw that others had been there before them, but none returned to tell if there was life after birth. Neither had actually seen their mom. Had they made her up? But at birth they cried for joy because she exceeded their dreams!

Be the presence of peace and create the new Earth. Thank you God for this day of awakening and remembering why we came, for this day of convergency of the 2 paradigms. Thank you for our incarnation. Thank you that our divine is expressing. Thank you God! So it is.

07/24/16 Rev. David McArthur
“What Am I Contributing Now?”

Doc Childre has said he believes the soul and the true self are aspects of our being that vibrate at a higher frequency or consciousness than our everyday awareness, until our everyday self merges with it. My perception is that humanity’s purpose is to raise that vibration. What are you contributing to this upleveling? What is our part?

Every time you feel an uplevel, a harmony, you feel good, don’t you? But often we feel we’re in an uncomfortable place. It’s an inner compass. How do we transform that discomfort into wholeness? We do have programs, but in just ordinary time we’re just hanging out, feeling blah, whatever. Wouldn’t it be different if we made that ordinary time an extraordinary contribution?

Make this difference by stepping into 2 frequencies/feelings/energies: ease and appreciation. I find they flow together in an amazing way. When we’re resting in ease/appreciation, our hearts are open and the spiritual consciousness flows through us. It’s a core, foundational energy of the soul when harmony, divine order, is felt as natural. It’s simple, easy, to get there. Appreciation is one of the easiest ones to get to—there’s so much to appreciate!

Kathryn and I were backpacking in Wyoming when suddenly there were snowcapped mountains in front of us and at our feet this beautiful mountain meadow full of flowers. It was a moment when my head forgot to do anything. What ease and appreciation in that beauty! It was just “Wow!” A moment to see the world differently. Day in and day out we can choose, “I am easing into appreciation.” Spirit is moving through us. We’ve opened that door. We’ve invited it in.

I spoke last week of Evelyn who was orphaned at 16. She had been a 4.0 student, joined all the clubs and looked forward to going to a prestigious university. After her mother died she dropped out of the clubs, neglected her studies. She went to the local college. It was easier. Her older sister, who had become her guardian, insisted she enter the Miss Teen America pageant, and it was easier to go than to argue with her sister. But the says she felt a different energy there. Although she was eliminated in the first round, she and her sister stayed. She says she appreciated the girls’ poise. She remembered when she had felt that confidence. I believe the pressure was off and she entered into a state of ease. Spirit showed her how far her depression had taken her. She had been depressed for years. But this time she ‘got it’.

When we’re just hanging out in ease, Spirit shows up. One day, from our cabin in Montana I was gazing at the incredible beauty. I was not thinking about the legal practice I just started, or about my application to teach environmental law at the college. I was in ease. And I got the idea I should apply to Unity ministerial school—without any good reason why I should. In ease, you have a time when Spirit says, “Now that I have your attention…!”
Jesus told us in Matthew 11:28, “All you who are weary and burdened… Take my yoke upon you and …you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” That’s the experience of ease.

Say with me, I am easing into appreciation. I am easing into appreciation. I am easing into appreciation. Isn’t that a beautiful place to hang out? Journey each day easing into appreciation!