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Unity of Walnut Creek Rev. David McArthur I was back at Silent Unity a couple of weeks ago, the place ...
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Unity of Walnut Creek Brain Health and Compassionate Communication Garret Reigg, J.D. Happy Father's Day! I found recently that I ...
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Unity of Walnut Creek Brain Health and Compassionate Communication Garret Reigg, J.D. Happy Father's Day! I found recently that I ...
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Unity of Walnut Creek Rev. Sheila Gatreaux Quantum physicists talk about the male and female energy of planetary and particle ...
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Recent Videos

07/31/16 Rev. Denese Schellink
“The Wisdom of the Heart”

07/24/16 Rev. David McArthur
“What Am I Contributing Now?”

Doc Childre has said he believes the soul and the true self are aspects of our being that vibrate at a higher frequency or consciousness than our everyday awareness, until our everyday self merges with it. My perception is that humanity’s purpose is to raise that vibration. What are you contributing to this upleveling? What is our part?

Every time you feel an uplevel, a harmony, you feel good, don’t you? But often we feel we’re in an uncomfortable place. It’s an inner compass. How do we transform that discomfort into wholeness? We do have programs, but in just ordinary time we’re just hanging out, feeling blah, whatever. Wouldn’t it be different if we made that ordinary time an extraordinary contribution?

Make this difference by stepping into 2 frequencies/feelings/energies: ease and appreciation. I find they flow together in an amazing way. When we’re resting in ease/appreciation, our hearts are open and the spiritual consciousness flows through us. It’s a core, foundational energy of the soul when harmony, divine order, is felt as natural. It’s simple, easy, to get there. Appreciation is one of the easiest ones to get to—there’s so much to appreciate!

Kathryn and I were backpacking in Wyoming when suddenly there were snowcapped mountains in front of us and at our feet this beautiful mountain meadow full of flowers. It was a moment when my head forgot to do anything. What ease and appreciation in that beauty! It was just “Wow!” A moment to see the world differently. Day in and day out we can choose, “I am easing into appreciation.” Spirit is moving through us. We’ve opened that door. We’ve invited it in.

I spoke last week of Evelyn who was orphaned at 16. She had been a 4.0 student, joined all the clubs and looked forward to going to a prestigious university. After her mother died she dropped out of the clubs, neglected her studies. She went to the local college. It was easier. Her older sister, who had become her guardian, insisted she enter the Miss Teen America pageant, and it was easier to go than to argue with her sister. But the says she felt a different energy there. Although she was eliminated in the first round, she and her sister stayed. She says she appreciated the girls’ poise. She remembered when she had felt that confidence. I believe the pressure was off and she entered into a state of ease. Spirit showed her how far her depression had taken her. She had been depressed for years. But this time she ‘got it’.

When we’re just hanging out in ease, Spirit shows up. One day, from our cabin in Montana I was gazing at the incredible beauty. I was not thinking about the legal practice I just started, or about my application to teach environmental law at the college. I was in ease. And I got the idea I should apply to Unity ministerial school—without any good reason why I should. In ease, you have a time when Spirit says, “Now that I have your attention…!”
Jesus told us in Matthew 11:28, “All you who are weary and burdened… Take my yoke upon you and …you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” That’s the experience of ease.

Say with me, I am easing into appreciation. I am easing into appreciation. I am easing into appreciation. Isn’t that a beautiful place to hang out? Journey each day easing into appreciation!

07/17/16 Rev. David McArthur
Spiritual Access Code”

 With my wife’s murder and my suddenly finding myself a single parent, my consciousness was one of anger and pain and loss. I was in a state of emotional chaos. I went to the form of prayer I call desperation. I didn’t know anything else.

It was maybe a month later, as Lisa turned one, I put her on the floor in front of the couch and I sat down. Sitting there I went into a feeling of amazing, blissful love, loosing consciousness of what’s around me. As I returned from this feeling I saw Lisa playing quietly, happily, as she had with her mother. I realized my resentment and hatred were gone! I was at peace, a deep peace we call forgiveness. Wanting to know how deep this was, I met with “him” at the state mental facility. There was still pain and a great sense of loss, but it didn’t control me! Something had happened. The emotional turmoil was gone.

I wanted to know about this. I began this study. Not much of the spiritual or religious information helped me. I found more answers through science. HeartMath had found that when we connect with our heart we step into a different state of being. They measured it scientifically. But I saw the spiritual side. They had discovered the access code to stepping into a different state of consciousness.

I know we’ve all had great emotional experiences, and everyday ones. Are you willing to transform this week’s flavor of chaos? It’s a process you can easily learn. When I was on that couch, what happened right before I felt that blissful love? My daughter was playing as if she were with her mother, and my heart opened wide and then I felt the love (the access code).

It’s a simple way that has worked for me and many others again and again. HeartMath showed what happens physically when we remember when our heart was full—the access code. They said to remember a time like when you stood on a mountain top, or when you played with a puppy.

Much later, when our kids were in high school, our mantra every morning was “hurry before you miss the bus!” But one morning we did miss the bus! Now what? I new there was no good answer. If you’re like me, you check in your heart after nothing else has worked. What did I have to lose? So I went to my heart to remember a time when my heart was full. I remembered when Kathryn and I were in Hawaii and we took a ride on a raft out to see the whales. It was absolutely wonderful!

Well, my kids were all stressed out, too. But I realized I had been late for work before and the universe had gone on! So we put on some music and headed down the road in a different state of consciousness. I was looking forward to my day. I felt happy and was appreciating my kids. Moments before I was judgmental and stressed and setting up a stressful day. But I remembered when my heart was full! What a difference.

This week there might be some stress for you. When that comes up: I remember when my heart was full! I remember when my heart was full! I remember when my heart was full! Show up as who you really are!

07/10/16 Rev. David McArthur
“Times Of Turmoil Need Love”

We witness violence to others. We feel pain. We wonder how much is ours and how to respond. We’re all spiritual beings hanging out in this physical thing. So we look to our spirituality to see how to read this week’s events.

Day after day, year after year, the actions of millions of people have been calling to our desire to wake up. As we struggle to learn this personally it moves out of our unconsciousness into our consciousness. Love brings up patterns of our collective unconsciousness for us so that we can choose. “Stuff” shows up in our unconsciousness that is not consistent with the love we seek to have as human beings. What do we do with that?

What transforms it is love. But I was disturbed because my first response was anger and hate. Our mind polarizes things with “I’m for this and against them”, even though there is only “us”. There are many things to work out: questions and ideas. Within us we place our power in other places. It’s painful to see but gives us choices of what we have in our lives. Embrace that with love. It brings forth wisdom and guides us to healthy boundaries without rejecting the soul which was struggling but expressing in a way that is not ok. If you have been abused you’ve come to a point where you loved yourself enough to say no, to set a boundary. When you set boundaries with wisdom there is growth. When boundaries are set by your reactions it reinforces the abuse. We choose our manifestation.

We’re afraid love makes us vulnerable. We think to love is to accept all of a person without setting boundaries, that if we love enough we’ll heal them. Even Jesus said it was not he who healed the woman who touched the hem of his garment, but he put the healing on her, that it was she, her faith, that healed her. (He was in support of her reaching her wholeness.)

A family I know had a son who had become a drug dealer. They had to say, “We love you but we cannot have that destruction in our world.” They could love but couldn’t heal him; he had to make that change himself. He died violently.

Evelyn’s parents emigrated to America and she was first generation Chinese-American in an environment totally foreign to them. Her father was an alcoholic, and so she lived a life of turmoil. When she was sixteen, her mother passed away and so she was, in effect, an orphan. “What carried me through was my insistence that my mother loved me, and in my mind I was trying to fulfill my mother’s final wish, that I live my soul’s purpose.” It carried her through her biggest failures. As she turned to her mother’s love, she was turning towards that divine love that comes from within the being.

Spiritual power is INFLUENCE, not control over another or over the world. When we choose love we change the consciousness of ourselves and of the whole, so what was unlike love heals. Choose love. I choose love. I choose love. I choose love. The choice is love. Love is the answer. I choose love. It brings transformation for all!

Rev. Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
“Celebrating Our Interdependence”
One Nation/One World Under God

Fourth of July! The day we celebrate our independence. But have we strayed from the path of our INTERdependence with God? We say, “I can take care of myself.” “I don’t need anyone else.” “I am beholden to nobody.” It worked in the Revolution when we needed to separate from oppression. But it could not have been done without the interdependence of the colonists. Look at our world today. It’s a reflection of “I don’t need nobody.”

I was very independent and proud of it. One morning I awakened without half my eyesight. I learned to become more independent by learning to be interdependent with others. As a nation we don’t know how to be interdependent with others.

Jesus said, “Where two or… more gather in my name, there I am …” meaning there is a groundwork of interdependence. Interdependence is a heart-sharing of co-operative effort to complete what we want to do. When we come together in his “name” (the manner/nature of God) with joined hearts, the divine energy comes in. It carries us through in a way that is good for everyone. It’s not too late to turn this ship around. The choices we make at this point determine whether we turn around or are dead in the water. Our thoughts, the way we hold ourselves and speak of each other goes out and we get something like ISIS.

Go inside. Is there a straggly word used casually? These choices go out and invite in the “locusts that eat our crop”. When we choose interdependence, joining together our hearts and ideas, creating community, the divine energy will restore that which was lost. I’m talking about consciously speaking, thinking, actively choosing interdependence.

In an interdependent family there are no electronic devices at the dinner table. They gather together to learn what is going on with each other, supporting whoever needs it.

If we rise above the negativity we draw to us the people of the world without seeing race, height, size, shape, we are free.

If I look at you as God sees you I will recognize we are one and I am free. Today I celebrate my Interdependence and I am truly FREE! Today I celebrate my Interdependence and I am truly FREE! Today I celebrate my Interdependence and I am truly FREE!

This week as you bar-b-cue, join your friends, watch the fireworks, take Interdependence Day with you all week, and every day. “No man is an island. No one stands alone. Each one’s joy is joy to me…”

06/26/16 Rev. David McArthur
“Prayer as Co-Creator”
I was back at Silent Unity a couple of weeks ago, the place of continuous unending prayer for the past 125 years. Millions of people from all over the world have called them for prayer. I reflected on how my perception of prayer has changed since I was a boy. Back then I asked for things, like I asked my mom and dad for things. As I got older I got somewhat skeptical, as most of us do.

As our understanding shifts, we realize prayer is creative. We move from supplicant to co-creator. Myrtle Fillmore, a wise spiritual woman, prayed for healing. She knew she was a creative being. “I told the life in my liver that it was not torpid …but full of vigor and energy. I told the life in my stomach that it was …energetic, strong and intelligent. I told the life in my abdomen that it …was alive with the sweet, pure, wholesome energy of God… I did not become discouraged at their being slow to wake up, but kept right on… until the organs responded.” Myrtle Fillmore cured herself of tuberculosis.

Think. As you take a breath, think of each cell athrill with the sweet pure energy of God. That’s a little different perception of prayer. Sometimes I treat prayer like aspirin, using it for any “headache”. But really, with prayer we’re bringing the spiritual pattern of who we are into that which exists. We’re bringing it into our body, whether we’re seeking healing of the body, or of our relationships, or whether we’re seeking abundance. Affirm, I CHOOSE THE FULLNESS OF MY SOUL PATTERN TO EXPRESS IN ME HERE AND NOW!

A minister friend has a little dog that had been going through a hard time. A group which met at her church prayed for it. Soon every evening for three hours the dog roused herself for a few minutes at the top of each hour, then returned to her bed to rest. My friend told the group’s leader, who told her they pray at the top of the hour and they sent friends in three time zones their prayer list!

My friend had a subjective experience of prayer. I’m cursed to be the kind of guy who has to know the objective “how” of things. What happened when those people prayed for the dog? What happened when Myrtle Fillmore reversed a disease not known at the time to be curable? Well, you are one with a force that moves through each and every cell. We are all one. We’re not separate. When we take hold of this power with our intention—when we make that connection—that’s creation!

For me the most powerful prayer is to simply feel love for someone. It carries the power of the creative intention of our world. So feel this love. Send it through your family. Send it to families around the world, to children, moms, and dads. Some are in harmony and some are in conflict. As you do, hold them in perfect peace. Can you feel just a little peace for them? Now send it to their communities. Feel it. Gently feel that peace. We’re spiritual beings and this is what we came for. Feel it. DIVINE LOVE FLOWS THROUGH MY HEART. DIVINE LOVE FLOWS THROUGH MY HEART. DIVINE LOVE FLOWS THROUGH MY HEART. And as it does, it unfolds and blesses our world. Peace IS this moment!