July 25, 2010 – The Fifth Dimension

Rev. David McArthur

When we connect with the Spiritual Presence that is in us, we move beyond our 3 dimensional world into the 4th dimension. By immersing ourselves in the appreciation of the good things that fill our lives and by being at peace, we shift our perception. Everything around us shifts as well. We learn to live from the inside out. We become aware of That flow in our life, like we’re aware of a river’s flow when we’re rafting on it.

In the 5th dimension, we perceive that we are the Presence, we are one with God. It’s as if we were river-rafting but have been flipped into the water. We have a change of perception from being “on the river” to being “one with the river”. We go from being aware of God flowing in our lives to perceiving our oneness with the very nature of the Divine Itself. When we change perception we live life differently. For example, if we are faced with catastrophic illness, we know we are connected with that very nature of God which is wholeness. We experience wholeness as the very essence of our own being. We know that even if our body were to be taken, that whatever the purpose, the wholeness is still fulfilled.

Knowing these things, we sometimes have the misconception that we build our lives from the ground up. But we are also pulled from above. That wisdom that flows through life guides you to be where you need to be to experience that place– the 5th dimension. We are all one. It’s all God.

It’s fun to make the journey. Head down the river your life tells you to go on. It’s safe. It’s all love. It’s only God.

July 18, 2010 – God is the Source, God is the Answer

Rev. David McArthur

We express our beliefs, manifesting our lives, like light projects a holographic image. When our awareness (the light) changes, the manifestation changes. When we think God hasn’t gotten things right, our problem isn’t with God. Our problem is with our connection to God. Going outside ourselves to find someone as the source of our prosperity is not the answer.

Separation is an illusion. There’s this goodness of God that flows in us and through us and we get to be a part of that consciousness; we aren’t separate. Connect with that deep state of consciousness, with that flow of Love in the 4th dimension, with the Source– God. God is wholeness. When we connect with That we change in our consciousness and go into the experience of wholeness. When we connect with Source, we are connected with the whole of the situation, not just the part we see as the answer. In that moment of connection, there is really nothing else. It’s whole, it’s complete, and it’s beautiful. Feel the deep, deep peace. Feel it fill every level of your being. When you’re that loved, you know things are taken care of. Consciousness has changed.

When our consciousness changes, our world changes. Although it’s necessary, tending to detail after detail in our 3 dimensional world doesn’t bring the change. Change comes when we choose to connect with that which takes us from an incomplete manifestation into a whole manifestation, because wholeness is the nature of God. It’s all one; it’s all God’s anyhow. We know it’s taken care of. There is only one power. You are not separate from that Source, you are one with It, and It’s very nature is wholeness. Ground it into the 3rd dimension and do something. It’s not just a wonderful feeling. Move forward, because “It’s taken care of.”

Whatever the need, there is an answer. What do you do to take care of healing? The answer is God– connect there. What do you do when you need finances? –harmony in your relationships? The answer is God.

Affirm, “God is the Source. God is the answer.”

July 11, 2010 – Revealing: A Step To Transformation

Rev. David McArthur

We perceive our three-dimensional life through the mind. The mind sees us as separate from everything out there and it defends us. We each have known pain. At such times we see a limit to or a loss of the goodness of God. Anger and hatred naturally protect us when the mind sees us as victims. This is not wrong or bad, but it is not the only perspective.

Our higher consciousness is a higher perspective from which we see things differently. We cannot love when we are in anger and hatred. That is a state which diminishes love and our loving. As spiritual beings, we respond from our truth that is always within us, that we are one with the beautiful Divine Presence. We pray,

“Beloved Presence, reveal that which needs to be revealed. Heal that which needs to be healed.”

And it is revealed that we have a choice. Just wanting to make a choice brings healing. Healing takes away the need for anger and hate. At this point of choosing we are free– deeply, powerfully free.

There is so much love surrounding, enfolding and supporting us! When we ask it and allow it to take us, it lifts us. We see freedom, forgiveness, and wholeness. It has no other purpose. It is time to look at what you have not yet allowed to heal, what has not yet been transformed. You’re not lost. It’s not over. It’s not the way it looks. The world has simply brought you to the question, “What is now, in this moment, the choice to make?” And it is that choice that transforms what you have journeyed into. This love flows through you, and in your choosing it over and over, it is blessing and lifting us all. We are in this together.

July 4, 2010 – What Is Heaven and Hell Really?

Rev. David McArthur

As we awaken, we go from experiencing life from the outside in, to experiencing life from the inside out. However, the more we experience the connectedness, the more painful our judgments. We are burdened with our “garbage”. This is “hell”. But we can leave whenever we want.

It is easy to get out of hell (the garbage). There is a way out. Since no one can be in two places at the same time, leave the garbage behind. It’s a choice. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. It is within. We discover that which has real value– that which fills us with pure radiant love. That is God. It is that place of divine connection, infinite love and goodness. We experience a goodness without limit– “heaven”.

Our perceptions change. We begin to see amazing things drawn into our lives. “I’m getting healthy”; “I’m leaving this addiction”; “I feel uplifted and good”. We begin to see heaven in those amazing beings drawn into our lives. They take on parts of consciousness to transform it– that’s who is in heaven. It’s here and now. Look around you. It’s easy to get out of the garbage. Love one another. It’s a choice. Pick someone and love. Welcome to heaven!