April 10, 2011 – Be Gentle With Yourself

4/10/11 Reverend David McArthur

We often spend time in self talk using words like “dumb” or “stupid”, “lazy”,”weak”. But is there anything that is not a part of the spiritual process? When something happens again and again where we clearly see what we are not doing, it’s part of something unfolding. Jesus represents that pattern within us all where we get to see where we are not yet living. It’s a greater truth, a pattern that takes us to the awakened being, the Christ consciousness.

The experience when Jesus went through his awakening is when John baptized him. Jesus came up from the water and saw Spirit come to him as a dove, and he heard, “This is my Son in Whom I am well pleased.” That was when Jesus really knew he was a child of God. He knew then He was of love and grace. Then He went out into the desert for purification, and was “ tempted by the devil”– that part of Himself that was still caught in the 3D sleep. He confronts that part of himself when His attention is drawn to His hunger, in the third dimension. But then He turns His attention back to the divine, the Spirit in Him, by rebuking “the devil”. Then He did His ego thing, looking at the wealth of the “city” that He could have, but again He refused. From the mountain top he sees His power (ego), but once again He turns to the spiritual. Then angels came and ministered to Him.

It’s a pattern. We get to see where we are not yet living– a greater truth. We get to see deeper within– parts not yet enlightened. It’s a journey, and being judgmental on yourself doesn’t work. Be gentle with yourself on the journey. Open to the gentle loving care of the divine. See where you aren’t yet. The fear– the unenlightened part. Turn to ask the help of the divine. Let in the gentleness. Let the angels minister to you. The angels bring that which takes us to the completion, to the place where once we were not.

We get asked to grow in consciousness. It is not always gentle. When the vision comes we can be judgmental on ourselves. Be gentle. The gentleness lets in the growth in consciousness. The head can explain in detail why not. It’s the gentleness in your heart which will lift you up. Are you willing to be gentle with yourself? Say, “I am willing to be gentle with myself.” “I am willing to be gentle with myself.”

And that which happens in you is a part of the consciousness that is awakening throughout the world. Let the angels minister to you. Open to the gentle loving care of the divine. That which happens in us can lift us all to the Awakened Being, the Christ consciousness.

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