April 12, 2015 – Initiation In Love

04/12/15 Rev. David McArthur
Initiation In Love

Florence Scovel Schinn wrote that whatever your problem, it is a test through love. If you meet it with love, your problem is solved. If not, the problem continues. Your problem is your initiation in love.

The first sign we have a problem is criticism. We define someone or something as “not ok” and put energy into confirming that. Catherine Ponder says that when you run down others’ problems or affairs you open your consciousness to become run down. It’s fear that constricts us, and then less good in health and finances flows into our lives.

But even where we feel powerless, we do have power. In this community we know we have the power to hold the consciousness to transform. Then we all are strengthened.

A man was seriously depressed and wasn’t working. At the same time, the 19 year old son was on the verge of losing his college career, and the emotionally disturbed 13 year old’s anger was becoming increasingly violent. Their 12 year old sister’s teachers reported she was withdrawing from the world. Additionally, the mother had only one kidney, and it was diseased. Then the lady heard “Love has the power to overcome any problem.” Desperate, she committed to find out if it were true. She had no options. Every time she found herself being critical of someone, she would write in a notebook, “I behold you with the eyes of love and I glory in your perfection.” Every time. Thought after thought, day after day. Within six weeks her husband got out of bed, bathed and cut his hair and started work! He opened to a flow. The 19 year old got a job that covered his tuition! And in the last three weeks the 13 year old had not had a single violent episode. The girl’s teacher called to say she was now making friends. The woman’s kidney healed and she got a job!

With our fear we feed the negative energy. But we do have a choice. Charles Fillmore said, “The more we talk about love the more it comes into our experience… You may trust love to get you out of your difficulty.” It’s a universal truth and an application of Jesus’ teaching about loving your enemies. The Tao teaches to love the world as yourself. Then you can care for all things. It’s the basis of the Ho’o pono pono practice that “when I change, the world around me changes.”

I’m betting there’s someone in your life you feel is in need of your criticism. (And the most difficult one is yourself.) “I behold you with the eyes of love and I glory in your perfection.” “I behold you with the eyes of love and I glory in your perfection.” “I behold you with the eyes of love and I glory in your perfection.” It’s a sacred spiritual assignment because we have chosen to step into the initiation of love.