April 19, 2015 – Take A God Break

04/19/15 Rev. David McArthur
Take A God Break

There is tremendous spiritual energy flowing into the Earth in this time. Things keep speeding up and that brings up our “stuff”—things that don’t reflect the spiritual beings that we are. It’s now time to heal our relationships and insecurities and the unenlightened parts of us. We have the tools and know what to do, but things comes faster and faster. The spiritual truth about handling this is to slow down and let this transformative energy in.

Jesus met each of his challenges by a change of his consciousness and went through baptism to receive greater spiritual energy. Then rather than party and celebrate, he went alone into the desert for forty days to be in this consciousness. The story of his inner struggle there is told as an argument he had with the devil. Each of the 3 times in the story that the devil challenged his greater consciousness, Christ shifts to the consciousness of the divine. He took a God break and took hold of his new consciousness. So take a God break when you are challenged, when someone at work or in the family brings up your “stuff”.

Ejaz Naqvi, in his book A Look Inside the Koran and the Bible, says that by far, the most repeated passages are those that are the most compassionate, the most merciful, and that it’s not just that God is compassionate, but the God is compassion. When we are in the expression of mercy we are in the divine consciousness.

Taoism says to go from duality to the divine consciousness. “The Tao doesn’t take sides, it gives birth to both good and evil. The Master doesn’t take sides, she welcomes both saints and sinners.” [and] “The Tao is like a bellows…the more you use it, the more it produces; the more you talk of it, the less you understand. Hold on to the center.” Center in your heart; connect with the infinite.

So if you are talking of it (thinking), you are not there. This is how: empty your mind for 30 seconds. Did you still have thoughts? Well, that’s the way we are. But focus on the experience of what God is, on the presence of God—the feelings of compassion, love, and kindness. To really feel it, hug yourself! Breathe quiet compassion. When your stuff comes up, hug yourself. Feel the difference between the thinking and the feeling? It is more powerful to feel compassion than to think it. To be powerful and effective is to feel the power and presence of God. Take a God break. Hug yourself. Feel the compassion.

Breathe quiet compassion. 30 seconds will do it. That’s what we mean by slow down. Don’t be fixing things or figuring anything out then, but go slower. Everything you need is right there when your stuff comes up. Take a God break. Breathe quiet compassion. It’s a doorway to peace!