April 21, 2013 – Our True Work – Healing the Heart

4/21/13 Rev. David McArthur
Our True Work — Healing The Heart

There are things that keep us from our peace—places of pain on our journey. Our assignment as spiritual beings is that when we see something which is less than the magnificence which we are, then it is time to heal it. We remember God is good all the time—even in Boston this week—but sometimes it’s hard to get to that knowing. However, life doesn’t happen to us, but for us.

A dedicated, loving ministerial student faced her final oral exam before the academic board. However, she was turned down for her diploma. She turned to a colleague for help in dealing with the rejection, but instead of asking him to commiserate with her, she asked he stand with her as she journeyed within to the place where she harbored a deep childhood hurt. It had caused the behavior which was the basis for her rejection. From her mature self, she loved that hurt little girl inside, assuring her she wasn’t there to hurt her, but to love her. That it was safe. She poured love out to her again and again. She opened up and let love in, and was at peace. Healed, she went back to the board, which was so impressed with her they granted her the diploma.

You are a beautiful being who came in not only to do it for yourself but for all others. When we recognize something which is less than magnificent in others it is because that same thing is alive in us. We have journeyed to heal it. You are not powerless and nothing can come into your life without you allowing it. What you do within is played out. You know how to do it because you know how to love. It is the Presence, the Power, because that is who you are! After the explosions in Boston, people ran toward the chaos to help. They responded with compassion. A whole world responded with compassion, deep love, and prayer. It is not what happens, but what we do about it. These things are part of the goodness that we experience. God is good all the time. Let Her show you a part of you that if you bring it to wholeness it will touch the heart and heal all of mankind. At times like these, “why?” is the next question, and now it is answered.