April 26, 2015 – Discover The Goodness

04/26/15 Rev. David McArthur
Discover The Goodness

We speak and study the truth that divinity is omnipresent and absolute goodness. To step into it as our reality happens step by step. Then we have an experience where we wonder “where is God in all of this?”

When she was about 20, Susan got a German Shepherd she named Kisha, and they became best buddies. Kisha was bright and learned quickly and Susan could take her anywhere. Susan and Kisha began to teach dog training. Kisha loved the dramatic parts like playing a dog showing her teeth about to bite. But Kisha got mouth cancer and the pain made that difficult. Still she remained enthusiastic. Eventually even running and playing were painful and Kisha slowed down, but her enthusiasm still remained. When Susan had to finally release Kisha from her life of pain, the dog seemed to know what it was all about, and still there was complete trust. Kisha reached out her paw to Susan’s arm. Susan couldn’t see God in all this. Then Susan herself developed a tumor in her mouth. Later, cancer free for two years, she saw how there had been amazing goodness and love in Kisha’s experience to teach her that it was all goodness.

It is hard to see that goodness. Rumi wrote, “you dwell in this hall of images and illusion… Leave this house now and be silent.” We get caught up in what our brain sees as valid. The brain does not see the absolute goodness. So leave this “house”, this right/wrong, this duality. Say “God is Good All The Time!” Keep the mind silent. When we are able to take a hold of the divine goodness, the mind stills. Breathe that feeling. Be conscious of it. Breathe the goodness. The nature of the divine is wholeness. Our challenge is to step into it. Breathe goodness. “The light enters the darkness and fills all… You will have the Lord for an everlasting light… Greater than the day (sun) or the night (moon).” The Quran: “God is the light of the heavens and earth…like a …lamp within a crystal… Light upon light.”

The farther we go within we enter into light. That radiance within, the light of the heavens, the goodness within ourselves opening to infinite levels of expression. The wholeness is already given. Opening to this goodness we don’t know the form but are open to all possibilities, to infinite means of expression. It doesn’t mean there are no challenges. When we get to that place — It won’t work. I’m no good – God Is Good All The Time! God Is Good All The Time! All The Time God Is Good! When it really looks impossible, God is there. Take control of the mind. Let it be silent. Open. Breathe the goodness into your heart. That goodness is who you really are!