April 5, 2015 – Resurrection: The Vision Keeper & Forgiveness

04/05/15 Rev. David McArthur
Resurrection: The Vision Keeper & Forgiveness

Every Easter story begins with the experience of dawn, the coming of light where there was darkness. Mary, Jesus’ mother, had been the one person at the cross who was different from everyone else. For her son, she was a vision-keeper, someone who holds for others the awareness of their potential within as powerful spiritual beings for complete healing.

I remember the experience of another mother who was a spiritual seeker, too. How she got a call that her daughter had been in an accident and was in a coma, and that if her daughter ever woke up, she’d not be able to speak or take care of herself, that she would never walk again. This mother responded with, “I don’t believe that. The God I know is greater than the limitation that you tell me.” This vision-keeper reached out to over 3000 people to be in attunement with her daughter, and when she got to speak to her, her daughter awakened. The young woman began to recover. She learned to focus the brain that had been so damaged. Today she is an active, vibrant member of our community. She took a hold of that power and presence within her and used it to build a life of wholeness. Her vision-keeper, her mother, wrote a poem of what Mary must have felt.

I must let Him go. My arms would hold him close, though; my heart would hold Him dear, as that place in the stable long ago, for He is not mine to keep. He belongs to the One that gave Him to me. So I must let Him go, though my heart cries as He suffers so, and I want to keep Him for me. His path has been laid since before the world was to show us the kingdom within. So I know that I must let Him go.

How many people do we have in our lives that are in pain, in struggle, addiction, loss, lack. We are their vision-keepers. And we have the incredible spiritual honor of knowing with them who they are, no matter what. The potential of resurrection in their lives is always there. Hold that for family and friends, and (the hardest one of all) for yourself. It is the only reason we are on that journey. Step into that dawn, that consciousness. Break apart that which is less; bring forth what is more. Say “Yes!” to this consciousness of wholeness.

There’s one more piece that brings about this demonstration of resurrection, this new awareness, something we accomplish with the spiritual power within us. Jesus had to do that. For Jesus at the cross there is one moment that makes the entire difference. Had this moment not happened I do not believe we’d be celebrating this event today. It’s the moment of forgiveness. This wonderful intelligence and power that flows within us gets blocked by our resentments, by our judgments. His response was, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” One of the greatest moments in the change of consciousness in the history of humankind.

That prayer to “Father”, the presence and power within, for forgiveness released that block within Himself so there was no resentment, no judgment. The way I usually get to forgiveness is called “desperate” prayer, at the point nothing else is working. At the most painful spot in my life that’s what I did, and it released me from the resentment and pain. Not the physical pain—the other pain: we are separate, right and wrong, who does what. In that beautiful experience of forgiveness we take the “wrong”, the lesser, and we turn our vision to this all-loving goodness of God. That is freeing; that is wholeness. It is always there. So what ever is going on, here is the truth: “There is only one presence, one power in your life—the all-loving goodness of God.” Step into that new day, that beautiful wholeness and fullness. As spiritual beings it is the desire of that presence to bring it forth in our lives. What a joy it is to step into that love without any limitations! There is absolutely nothing whatsoever that anyone of us can do to lessen that love. It’s just not possible. From His experience on that first Easter, Jesus has become the symbol of the all-loving. And because you are, I am grateful!