August 15, 2010 – Prayer That Works

Janet Conner

Do your prayers “work”? Jesus advised that before you pray, you first “reconcile with your brother.” You must release the “prisoners” you drag around with you. You must release the anger you harbor toward those you have imprisoned deep within your consciousness that you feel have wronged you. Simply open those dungeon doors and tell them to go. And yes, you must release the anger so deeply held against yourself, too. Open that door. Release. Let go. Only then are you free to affirm the good you seek.

Receive that good without worry as to the why or how of it. Be open with your affirmations. Don’t try to fit the Infinite into your consciousness with detailed requirements, but rather expand your consciousness to the Infinite. And know that you are worthy to receive. You are made of the substance of your Creator. You are a “godlet”.

We have so much to be thankful for. Thank You, God! Thank You, God! Thank You, God!