August 2, 2015 – Pray and Forgive

08/02/15  Rev. David McArthur

Pray and Forgive

Forgiveness is a part of the consciousness of the world. I want it to be a part of me. There are 2 parts in forgiving. We know how to heal the emotional hurt, although it’s not always easy. The other part is when we experience the hurt, the brain needs to blame the other person so it can protect us. The brain rejects and pushes back with resentment for that person. This is how we have evolved. It becomes a block in our spiritual growth, but we do not have to do this. We have wisdom. We do not have to carry the resentment the brain creates.

Mother Teresa: “When people ask me what advice I have for a struggling married couple, I say, ‘pray and forgive.’ For a young person in a violent home, I say, ‘pray and forgive.’ And for a single mother left with young children, I say, ‘pray and forgive.’”

I love the place where you pray for that other person. Edwene Gaines says forgiveness is a big part of opening to God prospering in our lives, but that also there’s another level of forgiveness prayer, which is blessing the other person. Once she was surprised to find she still had feelings against a former husband who had struggled with substance abuse. So she declared of this man, “I see you blessed and doing all you’ve ever dreamed of, peaceful and joyous on your way.” The very next week she got a letter from him (after years). He said he hadn’t appreciated her before, but now wanted to thank her, as she was part of his subsequent recovery and prosperity. He was now free from addiction and doing well. He included a check for $3000 that he had owed her but which she had given up hope of ever seeing.

A prayer that means a lot to me is to pray for peace and mercy. I don’t have time for justice. Let’s get into the wholeness of our spiritual being. I’m ready for karma to be over. I pray God’s grace, healing, and peace blesses you. I know when we harm each other it can be from the insensitivity we have in our “sleep” or from our pain. Whatever another goes through, I am for them to know God’s grace, healing, and peace. I pray God’s grace, healing, and peace blesses you. I pray God’s grace, healing, and peace blesses you. I pray God’s grace, healing, and peace blesses you.

And when we do it, guess what? God’s grace, healing and peace comes to us! God bless you!