December 14, 2014 – How To Talk With An Angel

12/14/14 Rev. David McArthur
How To Talk With An Angel

When you really want something it can take quite a bit of work and it’s hard to wait. With all that’s happening right now in life, what I wanted this Christmas was clarity on what I’m to do. It’s embarrassing to teach seeking guidance for answers when I still have questions myself. I wanted what Mary got—an angel that came to her with clarity, in detail, as to what she was to do. I wanted my own angel experience. I’ve gotten a whole lot of guidance through many things, why not for this? When something’s this important, I set aside some time for it.

So I reserved a cabin off in the woods, California style (with majestic redwoods and all the amenities including a hot tub), for just me. For a greater understanding of life I would need a new consciousness. I needed to let go of things I still carried within that limited my going forward. The only one who puts limits on me is me. So I found those places within that weren’t ok and brought my love to them. That is what heals. It was beautiful.

Then it was time to ask, “If I could have that angel, what would I ask?” Often we ask the wrong question. I knew my heart’s desire could be fulfilled if I were in alignment with the nature of the divine, which is giving. If I were to be aligned I saw the question as “what is mine to give?”

I don’t know how it really was for Mary, but in the work of Edgar Cayce, Mary was an Essene. Women were valued and educated, and leaders in this group. Her life had been the formulation of “what was hers to give.” And her angel answered that in detail.

A beautiful spiritual law, “As You Give You Gain In Understanding”, helped. So I sat down and I knew to ask in my heart. That’s where we connect with Divine Presence, where infinite wisdom flows through us. I felt it. I breathed it. I opened to it. “What is mine to give?”

I had honored the importance of that question. The answer came. Clear. Direct. Specific. How, when, and why. It’s not like an idea, another thing to think about, but when Spirit moves, it brings understanding. I am sharing this because I know you too are asking. This is a time for change. You are here by divine appointment, an instrument of the divine in this world. Ask. “What is mine to give?” “What is mine to give?” “What is mine to give?”

Take the time creating the opportunity. Value the importance of who you are. Go to those places which are not healed and bring the love to them. Open to the reply.
“What is mine to give?” In my experience, there are angels just lined up waiting for us to ask!