December 16, 2012 – Mary, Joseph, and You – On Purpose

12/16/12 Rev. David McArthur

Mary, Joseph, and You—On Purpose

This is a season of giving, loving, joy and celebration, and, yes, spending too much. Go for it! It is all about God, and our awareness of this is strong. This is a “Wow!” time. We have never before been empowered at this level. It is an incredible gift being given to all of us.

The Christmas story is our story of how we are, of truth. Our connection with the flow of higher consciousness is symbolized by the angels. The angel appearing to Mary is about how we receive that higher understanding of purpose into our lives. This might sometimes be rough. In Mary’s time, it could have meant stoning and death to accept, as an unmarried woman, her purpose of bearing the child Jesus. But acceptance of purpose brings together the pieces necessary for fulfillment of your purpose. Joseph dreamt of an angel (his connection to higher consciousness) which told him of Mary’s situation and his purpose. He said yes, and the things necessary came through.
Bonnie Shimp came to Unity when she was unemployed. She asked, “How do I put my life together?” She committed to her path. Things were slow, and didn’t seem to change much. Sometimes it’s hard for the universe to support us when we’re headed in the opposite direction. She looked deeply at “why am I here?” and experienced a connection with her purpose. She got it. She was radiant, but had no idea how it was to come about.
The first Christmas night the shepherds were called in to support the unfolding story. When we are on purpose the universe calls in what is needed. Bonnie’s intuition moved her to answer an old ad at a feedstore. Her head told her the job was already filled. But she asked! It was an intuitive knowing that this was a step to an old dream she had long suppressed. Resolution came to things of the past, and she stepped into her purpose. She now has her dream career.

Most of our purpose is “inner”. What we do, we do now with greater love so we are a greater force of love. The UN has said there is less conflict in the world now than there has been in the last 100 years! We go forward in a way that creates harmony in our world. It is our time to make it real. It is only God. It is only good. It is only divine purpose! Say, I am open to divine purpose unfolding through me.

What a beautiful birth of divine purpose is taking place now because of you!