December 23, 2012 – The Other Christmas Story

12/23/12 Rev. David McArthur

The Other Christmas Story

300 years before Jesus, the prophet Elijah knew a greater experience and consciousness of the divine was coming, and it could only come by living it. We don’t know exactly what happened. The readings of Edgar Cayce say his group became the Essenes, who said the new consciousness would come in the form of a messiah. So they began attunement. One of the young women would be the instrument to bring forth that being.  In her time, Mary, at age 4 began attunement. One purple-and-gold hued dawn, as Mary, by then 13, reached the top step of the Essene temple, there was thunder and a halo descended around her. Within the light the Archangel Gabriel was seen to take her hand. In 3 years she did conceive. This was an intelligent, well educated, well supported, spiritually disciplined young woman. She accepted her purpose and was well supported and well cared for by her community, even the innkeeper and the shepherds.

The Law of Equality teaches that your wishes, dreams, hopes, and wants are as important as those of any other soul in existence, including Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!  And the support will show up for you too. You know your purpose, which is in your heart, even if you have hidden it well. Whether it is a state of being or of creating, the support is there. Look around. You too are in a community.

At 10 years, Julie had already lost her mother, and her father had lost the farm, taking work with long hours and low pay. It was the 30’s. The old farm house was leaky and very cold in the winter. Julie got a fever and her brothers and sisters gave her their blankets. That made them even colder. She was very concerned for them and her father. It was the only thing on her heart. She prayed, asking for blankets and some money for her father. Although the door had been locked when her siblings left for school, a man came in the house with his arms full of blankets. He spoke calmly and Julie noticed he wasn’t dressed for winter, but in a T-shirt and jeans, and that his hair was much longer than the men wore in that day. He even left money for her father. 10 years old. Sick. Alone. In a very cold house. You can’t get much more powerless than that. But she asked! She asked for what was on her heart, her purpose. Your desires, dreams, and purpose are as important as any other soul’s in existence, and will come true if you ask! Are you willing to ask? Say, “I am willing!” I am willing to ask!   

If all the support was there for Jesus—and it was—and it was there for Julie, get ready, ’cause IT’S THERE FOR YOU!