December 7, 2014 – The ADVENTure Begins

12/07/14 Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
The ADVENTure Begins

Advent is the expectation, the excitement around an arrival. This Advent season, energy around the world is focused on the coming, the rebirth, of the Christ. Why not put into this energy the seeds of that which you want to arrive in your life? Use all this energy as support. Holy Spirit guides us by universal laws like the Law of Mind Action (thoughts in mind produce after their kind) or the Law of Compensation (whatever you give out will come back to you). The universal laws are absolute, no shakey, not some-timey. They can’t be coerced. They simply act. When we are aligned with them, they support us, we have the force working for us. When we go against them we get “the full force of the law”.

I was coaching a lady who wanted to get away from her boss and start a new job when I got from Spirit that she was not supposed to have a job. As we worked with the universal laws, her situation at work began to shift. The company opened a position for a consultant to travel to their sites around the country (away from her boss). She got it. Not much later she was offered part ownership in a thriving company in Sacramento. Now she no longer has a “job”, she has a business.

In “expectation” of what you wish to “arrive” in your life, begin by asking yourself how you could have played at a higher level with the things that showed up this year. Then focus on living in alignment with what you want to bring into your life, like perfect health. Then list what things you can do to support that; list what goals will lead to those things. Now put a by-when date on your calendar or tell Siri. Putting a by-when date on a goal spurs you to action. Then be sure to visualize what your life will look like when you have these things. Really feel it. It is a scientific fact that what we are most excited about we draw to us. What you are giving out there must come back!

Now don’t “hope” or “wish”—expect. You are an off-shoot of the Creator. Just like you inherited characteristics from you parents, you inherited the ability to create from your Creator. Only when you doubt this do you lose your excitement, your expectation. Affirm, I expect the very best in my life and I am excited! I expect the very best in my life and I am excited! I expect the very best in my life and I am excited! And I am excited for you!