December 9, 2012 – Angels – Real and Symbolic. Feel the Beauty

12/9/12 Rev. David McArthur

Angels—Real and Symbolic. Feel the Beauty

We are about to enter into a Christmas like no other we have experienced. We are already into the new paradigm, and are witnessing a heightened spiritual energy humankind has not had before. It deepens our attune-ment. Now we are able to bring in harmony by living it.

And we have so much help from the beings in the angelic realm. A little four year old girl, running across the lawn, suddenly stopped. At that same time, with a loud crack, a heavy limb fell from a tree directly onto the spot where the girl would have been had she continued running. Her mother swept her up, and later asked what made her stop so suddenly. The child replied that “the tall beautiful lady told her to wait”. Another young mother, not knowing she would die that day, began the day by remarking that the house was “full of angels”.

The angels support each of us in the purpose for which we have come. They have very specific work to do. It is powerful. Their purpose is to hold a consciousness and energy which really touches our lives. The level of support for you in every way is absolutely amazing.

The symbolic angel is what you have within yourself to receive all the wisdom, power, and strength you need to go on about the business you came here for. It’s the ability and understanding to say yes, knowing you’ll have the strength to go forward to accomplish what you need to. It is a capacity within yourself. It is always a part of you.
In the Christmas story, Mary was a young unmarried, pregnant woman in a time when such women were normally stoned to death. We don’t know if Mary really saw an angel with wings or whether it was that place within which brought forth the support, peace, and strength she needed to accomplish what she came to do.

Whether or not you know what it is doesn’t matter. How do you open to it? You feel it within. You feel the beauty. Open your heart. Feel the beauty, the power, the clarity. Ask for the presence of the angelic realm. Let it touch you. Say, “I feel the beauty! I feel the beauty! I feel the beauty!” It is easy to do, because you are the beauty!