February 14, 2016 09:30 – A Valentine From Your Spirit

Unity of Walnut Creek

Happy Valentine’s Day! A whole day to do exactly what we’re suppposed to do everyday! Today the best Valentine you’ll get is from your spiritual self.

Any spiritual process starts with self awareness. So get comfortable and start with being aware of your body, your mind. Nothing is right or wrong here, just be aware. We’re inviting our spiritual self to show up. Now be aware of your feeling self. On a scale of -5 (bad) to +5 (feeling great), just see where you are now—it’s not good or bad. Just be aware.

Now remember a time you felt deep love for someone. Just focus on that. Experience the feeling of that love. Let it grow in you. Let it fill you. Keep that feeling as you check in with yourself on the -5 to +5 scale. What number do you have now? Did it go up? There’s a reason relative to the core understanding, “God is love”. What we did was enter into our connection to the divine presence that we have. When Spirit flows in it lifts us. It lifts our sense of wholeness. We feel better because we are connected to that infinite love. That’s your valentine!

Are you ready for a super valentine? Remember a situation this week when you felt uncomfortable. We feel less connected, separate from divine love then. Do self awareness again, -5 to +5. What is the feeling there?

We’re always connected to Spirit but we connect more deeply and powerfully when we become aware. Put your hand on your heart. Now go again to your feeling of love from a moment ago. Remember that feeling. Enjoy that feeling. That feeling is right here right now. Feel your love; it’s a beautiful thing. Enjoy it, that connection with that part of you where the divine nature is a part of your being.

Now sincerely ask, “What would you have me do in that situation?” That presence—the spiritual power, the light, the intelligence—flows through you and directs your response and your thoughts. Go again into the experience of self awareness. Ask, “What am I feeling around that situation (-5 to +5) now?”

It’s not that “God loves” like grandpa loving the kids; it’s that God IS love. Charles Fillmore said it’s the “unifying, harmonizing power”. This amazing spiritual self we have is wise! Just practice it. God is love. God is love. God is love.

When we’re uncomfortable, once that love is there, God is there. That amazing intelligence! Have an amazing, beautiful, love-filled Valentine’s Day!