February 22, 2015 – Pinocchio – Through Fear to God

02/22/15 Rev. David McArthur
Pinocchio – Through Fear to God

Pinocchio begins with a glorious story of our creation myth. Geppetto (the Creator) makes Pinocchio. The Blue Fairy gives him life. A living puppet without strings, Pinocchio becomes famous, but ends up caged. (As we look to the outer for fulfillment, there are limitations.) To be free of the cage, Pinocchio had to quit lying to himself.

He went to Pleasure Island where there are no rules. Soon he and the other pleasure-seeking boys turn into donkeys, showing addiction to the Earth experience; it’s falling asleep into the density of the animal consciousness. It doesn’t work. But he listens to Jiminy Cricket, his consciousness, and gets off Pleasure Island by diving into the ocean (his consciousness).

He has to find Geppetto, his creator. (The focus is now on the divine.) Entering into his subconscious, the ocean, he finds Monstro the whale (the greatest fear). It isn’t easy for him to get into the whale. Here Jesus tells us how: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. “ (Matthew 7:7)

My own personal journey into the “whale” will perhaps encourage some to enter into their fear. It began when my wife was murdered. I felt if God is a lie I wanted to know. So I entered into my fear. When the murderer’s family was interviewed I got to be a part of it, and I got to see how their Pleasure Island was taken from them, how the pain took it all. I did not see evil anywhere. I saw how our choices affect others. I saw that Geppetto, the Divine Presence/Law, was a gift with no strings. A gift of power and choice. Goodness was there.

Pinocchio burns the boat inside the whale (fire is a symbol of transformation) so that the whale would spit them out. The whale (the fear) is gone. In my journey into my whale, I asked if the love was real. I went back through every moment—the act, the choices, the pain, what was said, what happened to the family. Everywhere I touched there was love. Love so powerful it brought something even greater—a love which allowed choices, consciousness, actions. There was not anything else. No second power. An amazing gift of love to every single person there. It’s not just that God is good. That’s not enough. God is love all the time. And All the time God is love. No more whale. I could see the reality we live in, the most amazing choices. I could see we can place our attention on anything we want. And when we put it on this powerful love we see that God Is All Love All The Time.