January 24, 2010 – Prosperity Principles: Tithing (weekly series part 4 of 4)

Rev. David McArthur

Here are the steps for bringing abundance into your life this year.

Step 1. Go into the Silence. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God." Affirm "God is my instant, constant, abundant supply."

Step 2. Attune to your purpose. Make your choices in your heart; follow your passion.

Step 3. Open to receive. Remove those blocks to your abundance by freeing yourself through forgiveness. Unburden yourself. "Divine Love lifts me, frees me, and prospers me."

This week's lesson:

Step 4. Expand the flow of good in your life through giving. "As you give it is given to you." Everything is God's after all. But it is not ours to give all. Our abundance is to be used with wisdom. Seek guidance to find what is yours to say "yes" to. The greatest tool for expanding your flow is tithing. It is the acknowledgment that God is your source. It is acknowledging the beautiful goodness that is flowing in you, through you, creating and expanding your physical world. It is knowing that God is your partner. Even loss is God coming through. Yet loss is minimized and gain maximized. Bring your highest perceptions through into the physical. Become an instrument for transformation in the world. And tithing is saying, "Thank You God!"

Thank You God! Thank You God! Thank You God!

You Prayer Team