January 4, 2015 – Creating With Our Hearts

01/04/15 Rev. David McArthur
Creating With Our Heart

It’s an amazing and powerful thing when a whole society is of a single mind, as with New Year’s resolutions. Our heads give us long lists of resolutions. We fail to keep them and in a few weeks we’re filled with guilt. The problem is the list is not from the heart. I thought I’d like to change some things this year. The usual—lose some weight, exercise, and so on. But I knew I really didn’t care! But in my heart I wanted the energy and agility to go rafting with my grandkids. So I have no problem getting out and becoming active.

Emily Cady said we are of two parts. The first is our personality. That’s how we identify ourselves in our mind. The other is “our individuality” which expresses the being we were before this human experience. It is creative in expressing itself, and says, “Yes! I want to enjoy this creation that I am.” It is the divine creative power within us. It wants to express this year.

The mind has to compare and compete. It has made marvelous things. But it grasps with a closed hand; the heart with an open one. It is time to create with the heart. Lao Tzu wrote “Therefore the master has but does not own…when her work is done she forgets it and it lasts forever.” Do not become attached to the outcome. Do what you like to do and you will be in harmony. Use the energy of the heart to energize and activate that which you really want. Once that consciousness is created it is a part of who you are.

What is your heart’s desire? I thought I should publish a book this year. I’ve done it before and did not care for all the details of publishing. But I asked my heart, “What is this about?” I got, “To share it with someone else is sacred. This information has touched you—what an opportunity to share the blessing with someone else!” Now, that I can do. That will get me to the computer.

What fulfills your heart? A young lady graduated college as had her parents and grandparents before her. She had been taught to fear failure, and was confident of her future. But by 28 she was a single mother who couldn’t even feed her child without government assistance. When she realized she was a total failure, her fear of failure went away—there was nothing else to fear. She asked herself what did she really want to do? She wanted to write children’s stories, even if that didn’t pay much at all. It was J. K. Rowling. Now a billionaire, but money was never on her mind. She let herself do what her heart was calling her to do. She let her heart create what was hers to bring.

Do we just want to finish a list this time or do we want to say Yes! to our hearts this year? I say YES! to my heart. I say YES! to my heart. I say YES! to my heart. As you bring forth that commitment, what is created will be a huge blessing for everyone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!