July 19, 2015 – Our Greater Purpose

07/19/15 Rev. David McArthur
Our Greater Purpose

Today we’ll explore a new state of consciousness: the one where we go, “Why me?!!” when those red lights start flashing behind us or when the computer crashes and everything we have is lost. But it’s the very last question answered!

Fortunately, you already set up an answer to use when you made the commitment to come into this life. You committed to love. You made the choice to be here as part of the heart-awakening of humankind, a shift of perception of the 3D world into the experience of the connection in the heart to see the goodness. We are in the midst of this change.

These changes are a journey through the chakra system. The first was, as primitive man, we learned to survive. Then we developed the tribal, group, consciousness. Then, in the 3rd dimension, we have observed and learned and were able to analyze, to be scientific in our journey. We have gone deeper and deeper into the human brain and today we understand power is no longer “out there”, but in our awareness.

We have gained power over the dimensions. Look at our power over food. What would happen of we looked at food from the 4th dimension? —we’d share it! In the 4th, we awaken the heart. We have wisdom. Infinite intelligence flows through us. We share our emotional and mental oneness that is there. We know humankind needed the wisdom in these hearts. That’s why we came. We do our spiritual work; we accept abundance and beauty into our lives.

With all the knowledge we have, we do not have all the answers for the problems of humankind, but we are guided by the wisdom in all our hearts. Through the greater wisdom and presence, we make that change every time we choose love. It’s what we came into this life for—to share the heart-awakening of humankind.

Every Sunday I experience the true pure love that comes from the people here. I choose love. I know you’ve made that choice many times. There are many times I don’t want to do that, but I know once I get there it will be easier.

We came because the love in our hearts lifts all humankind. We took that on. “I choose love—the world awakens.” “I choose love—the world awakens.” “I choose love—the world awakens.” I know that again and again you make that choice. For that I thank you!