July 4, 2010 – What Is Heaven and Hell Really?

Rev. David McArthur

As we awaken, we go from experiencing life from the outside in, to experiencing life from the inside out. However, the more we experience the connectedness, the more painful our judgments. We are burdened with our “garbage”. This is “hell”. But we can leave whenever we want.

It is easy to get out of hell (the garbage). There is a way out. Since no one can be in two places at the same time, leave the garbage behind. It’s a choice. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. It is within. We discover that which has real value– that which fills us with pure radiant love. That is God. It is that place of divine connection, infinite love and goodness. We experience a goodness without limit– “heaven”.

Our perceptions change. We begin to see amazing things drawn into our lives. “I’m getting healthy”; “I’m leaving this addiction”; “I feel uplifted and good”. We begin to see heaven in those amazing beings drawn into our lives. They take on parts of consciousness to transform it– that’s who is in heaven. It’s here and now. Look around you. It’s easy to get out of the garbage. Love one another. It’s a choice. Pick someone and love. Welcome to heaven!