June 1, 2014 – Create a Sacred Relationship

Rev. David McArthur
Create a Sacred Relationship 

Our sacred relationships are those in which we see the magnificence in that other person. We see the one closest to us differently from how others see this person. Some of the most meaningful awakening in our lives comes from a relationship with another.

To create this perception even of “ordinary people” in us is simple. (I didn’t say easy.) It is giving. From giving comes receiving, and in between is appreciation. How we open to more is to give. Giving moves a special energy. We expand. The simplest way is “blessing”. When the head is processing life, the locus of our attention is us. When we bless the other person, the locus changes to them. It causes a beautiful movement from the head to the heart. Say, “Divine Love goes before you, making easy, joyous, and successful you way.” To expand it, draw more special energy by appreciation. Maybe that person holding up the line has just been holding the hand of a friend dying of cancer, or maybe she just came home from the front lines. When you are in your heart, it doesn’t have to be accurate, as the head would insist. Whatever, they are trying to deal with life. Appreciating that expands our heart consciousness and then we see their beauty and magnificence. Maybe your blessing is just a smile or a kind word. What we give is thoughtfulness, kindness. It changes what we perceive. It’s a soul to soul connection.

The hardest part is the part we avoid: the last step, receiving. The head will interfere, because if we really acknowledge the beauty which flows through us, it changes us, and the head doesn’t like change. When the beauty and love flow through you, you are a spiritual presence. You change. Even “the benefit of the doubt” starts the flow. Giving is giving. A sacred relationship is established. Instead of seeing the person with all their “person” stuff, see the beautiful soul. Even the really difficult people in your life. It can let us see who we really are. In it is wisdom and amazing intelligence. The Divine Love loves you as much as any soul in the universe. Just do one a day. Can you make a beautiful, holy relationship out of this?

Give, appreciate, receive. What makes it easy is blessing. Repeat 3 times, “Divine Love goes before you, making easy, joyous, and successful you way.” Your blessing will open that door for them, and when you receive you will get a chance to see the amazing spiritual being that you are!