June 21, 2015 – Principles of Abundance Part 3: Source

06/21/15 Rev. David McArthur
Principles of Abundance Part 3: Source

It’s wonderful to recall the blessing a father is! But in the Gospel of John, “I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” Jesus was speaking of a oneness, a spiritual divine presence he was discovering in himself. A giving Spirit. “Fear not…for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Imagine that divine desire to give. We tap into it as parents and grandparents.

One way to experience divine love is to open to abundance and let it flow into your life by opening to the discovery of your purpose. We have also looked at being co-creators, making choices to call what we need into our lives. Thirdly, today, we look at the experience of God as our source, as the provider of all we give and receive.

Last week Matthew Fox, quoting Howard Thurman, said “In the presence of God a human soul is stripped to its essence.” It is part of our journey of abundance. Look at your true core beliefs; discover the spirituality at the core of your experience. People came to Jesus with disease, a belief that the materiality of the body controls life, but he called forth the spirit of wholeness within them. With the loaves and fishes he overcame belief in lack by calling forth the spirit of abundance. And when people died he overcame death by calling forth the spirit within.

In the parable of The Prodigal Son, Jesus drew a beautiful picture of what is there. The father (God) is the source of all his sons’ abundance. One son asks for his inheritance. Without argument, “It is given.” The son goes to a far land. (Our perception shifts from our Father, God, to the world.) With his attention “out there” it leads to lack, even famine (fulfillment is not out there). He ends up hungry and full of guilt. So do we. We say, “I blew it. I am not worthy.” The son “comes to himself” (our growing consciousness within). He recalls his father. (We remember, “I am a child of the divine.” Divine is source, but we feel too guilty to let ourselves receive much.) So the prodigal son heads home. On seeing his son approach, the father goes out to him and embraces him. The son says, “I am not worthy,” but his father just calls for celebration. There is no punishment, no “pay it back later.”

You are loved. Source has no requirements of us, no limit put on it. All the mistakes we make are paid for in advance. Wouldn’t it be dumb for a god to send us out and not expect mistakes? We are here to learn and the tuition is paid! God holds for us the pattern of who we really are, and allows us to learn. When we let that in, we find that we are really blessed. We let love in. We let in abundance and health into this physical world. We let in the stimulation of our mental faculties. Emotionally we find peace and harmony and joy. At the spiritual level we have love. Know God is my source; I am richly blessed. God is my source; I am richly blessed. God is my source; I am richly blessed. And I know a secret that God knows: you deserve it!