June 26, 2011 – Near Death Experience

6/26/11 Garrett Riegg, J.D.

Objective, statistical evidence sheds light on ancient beliefs and current theosophical tenets regarding
life after death. Much evidence is derived from Near Dearth Experiences, or NDEs. Although NDEs
are clothed in different images from different religious backgrounds, they almost always convey the
same message. They are mystical, spiritual experiences. They all share a sense of certainty, gutfeeling,
or inner knowledge – a “gnosis”. A majority of NDEs include the panoramic life review which
occurs in a matter of seconds. It is a re-living of every life experience, not as a judgment, but as an
exercise for learning how one’s life has affected every person that subject’s life has touched. It is
instantaneous and life-changing.

We use “story” to connect with others heart-to-heart. HeartMath has demonstrated that the heart is
powerful, that people in “coherence” can change DNA, either twisting or untwisting the DNA chain, (a
standard scientific measure). Hard science is showing that this other higher level or plane of thought is
real. Those reporting stories of NDEs describe the plane as a place of total understanding and love, out
of the body, with heightened senses, a state of bliss. They very often report passing through a tunnel,
with the presence of a being of light, in complete love and trust. They report altered space and time in
a heavenly realm. They experience the awareness of special knowledge and spiritual insight, of deep
learning of love and the universal message.

A young women relates the remarkable story that in her NDE she was enveloped in love and perfect
peace. She says she was being cared for, out among the stars. “I felt I understood EVERYTHING –
the law, the order, and the math of the universe.” She went on to say, “ One’s religion is written in your
own heart. You are just who you are. You are here to love divinely and master who you are to raise to
it’s highest level you own true self!”

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