June 3, 2012 – From Pet Peeves to Peace

6/3/12 Rev. David McArthur

There’s a down-side to our spiritual growth, which is knowing we can and need to transform our feelings of frustration, irritation, even rage; our Pet Peeves.

We spend so much time in non-peace—hostility, anger, upset, Righteous Indignation!—but it’s lying to ourselves. It’s not harmony; we don’t feel our spiritual truth. We need to shift, to get to the heart. We know how. And we now know we can extend that shift to those around us so that we are in harmony together.

But when we do shift, we ask ourselves, “Why did I wait all that time?” It’s because when we indulge in our pet peeves, it feels good! But we stay out of our peace. And by practicing our little peeves that don’t matter we build up our non-peace pettiness to have when it does matter. So ask yourself, “What am I here for?”

There is something within each of us that, the longer we are on our spiritual journey, the more loudly it calls to us. Jesus taught that the Christ peace is from within, from the being that you really are. Look at the little things. When you move in peace you are that presence which moves through you.

When the Roman soldiers arrested Jesus, and one had an ear cut off, Jesus healed it, saying, “No more of this.” No more hostility, it was time to heal. Because of that beautiful peace in all of us, we hear, “no more of this; time to heal.” It is time we go about this. Get out of your irritation and into peace. Focus on your heart and go to that love and compassion there. You can have compassion for someone who doesn’t know any better. Gandhi quickly forgave the ruffians who beat him up, realizing they did not know any better. They did not know, either, the feeling of seeing the beauty in another.

Am I here to add to the tensions of this world or to add peace? It’s my choice.

For this week shift from irritation to peace at every opportunity because you are the peace. It is not the peace which you are finding, but the real YOU. “I am the presence of peace here and now.” Because it is who you really are. Yes you are, and you are magnificent!