June 5, 2011 – Asking and Accepting

6/5/11 Reverend David McArthur

The awakening of our spiritual self (which is having this earthly experience) comes in pieces as we become more and more conscious of the divine love within us. An important piece is that of asking. We ask, not to awaken a sleeping God, no, but to awaken ourselves to receive what is already given, what is already prepared for us.
Sometimes we ask because of a real frustration (which is because we know there is something better). Sometimes because of a deep desire within us. Sometimes our asking unfolds over a period of time and looking back becomes clear. Some needs are beyond our ability – there are some things in the way. Love and care are not there within to deal with the need. Go to prayer and ask. Then the difficulty that’s in the way loses it’s impact and the spiritual presence and power responds. Love is the response given. Accept it. Choose again and again not to go to the anger and hurt, but go to the love and care.

It is often hard to accept the goodness without going back to the need. It’s like we are in a hologram. Our attention is on what’s in the way. Free yourself from the difficulty. Choose to love. See the glow, the delight within of divine love. It is powerful; it is complete. It is the love which reaches through the dimensions of our beings.

Accepting opens the next door of the journey. Being open to accepting opens the way to the deeper desire. The deeper we ask, the deeper the response. The deep, unconscious desire asks. What we reach for within us is the experience of the divine love response. The expansion of our spiritual awareness is what is accepted when we say yes. It unfolds – it continues to answer. The questions we ask are about who and what we are, not just what we need in the moment – the reaching for that spiritual love and power that we are.

The world can’t explain and will dismiss the truth of our valid spiritual experiences. Asking draws in the energy and activates the soul’s potential. Will you stay in the higher “hologram”? Do it by accepting the truth and validity of your experiences – your understanding of your truth. Step into your greater potential. Ask. Whatever is going on for you, step into that higher, greater response by accepting you are one with the higher power. You don’t know it, but you do know it. Accept it. “Is it too good to be true?” The truth is if it’s not good it’s not true!

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