June 6, 2010 – Power of Commitment

Rev. David McArthur

When you get that pull on your heart, that impossible thing that needs to be done anyhow, that’s God talk. Yes, there can be other lovely things that pull on your heart, so check in with Spirit. This is something different which is really what you are. Guidance is a picture of a state of consciousness that is already complete. Spirit is saying this is yours and now is the time. Go forward, take some steps to manifestation– buy that ticket! “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.”

Blocks are not wrong or bad, but they are not guidance. Really listen to your heart. Seek clarity. We are guided by Infinite Intelligence because we are one with It, and It will manifest whatever is in intention because it is already in Spiritual Mind. And Infinite Love will give it. You are an instrument of Divine Love, upliftment to all in your world. That is why it was on your heart in the first place.

Affirm, “I am guided by Infinite Wisdom, and prospered by divine Love.”