March 1, 2015 – Learning Prayer – Sending Love

03/01/15 Rev. David McArthur
Learning Prayer – Sending Love

As a child I really didn’t feel connection to anyone “up there”. As a young man I started meditating and my experience of the reality of prayer changed. Later, in the tragedy of losing my wife, I learned the power of prayer. I entered into forgiveness and found peace. Through the experience of prayer it was given to me.

I wanted to really know about prayer. Unity asked me to step into the spiritual being I already was, and to open and receive my good that was already there, not to ask someone else “outside” of me. This experience of prayer I still did not really understand. There’s a difference between knowledge and understanding.

Rev. Mary Wessel established the Unity ministries throughout Montana. I met her when she was 104 years old. She lived on the top floor of a home which overlooked a beautiful valley and mountains. When I stepped into the room Spirit opened my eyes and I saw vibrant ribbons of light flowing out through the window like highways and I knew what she was doing. She was in a ministry of prayer. And later, even with mountains between us, I knew those ribbons of light reached to me and many others. It is powerful and it makes a difference. It is the sacred experience of love supporting each other as we go through this Earth experience.

I invite you to bring someone into your awareness, into your heart, who needs support. Now send that love that you are feeling. Enfold that love over them. At this moment you know for that person they are loved. Tell them You are loved. You are loved. You are loved. Divine love through your heart enfolds them now. Feel that beautiful love. Know this transforming power creates, and that it enfolds them here, now.

I invite you to join us as a spiritual community to pray at noon (or whatever time; Spirit doesn’t get hung up on time) for every person that has asked for prayer support. Pause for a moment and let them know they are loved. What we discover then is that each of us is loved!