March 21, 2010 – Transforming Resistance

Rev. David McArthur

How do we meet the challenge of people who irritate us? Jesus said that before you remove the speck from your brother’s eye, you should “take the plank from your own eye”. In other words, the problem is more so in you; work on yourself. It’s an inside job. Trying to manipulate the outer world doesn’t work.

As co-creator, you brought everything into your life, but since there is only the love of God, what is in your life is there to bring that which is higher, a way for you to be free. In dealing with those who irritate you, forgiveness frees you from your resentment.

A simple and powerful way to be free to be who you are is Love– love for those you need to forgive but also for you, too. So meet those who irritate you with

“Divine Love flows between us, blessing all.”

“Divine Love flows between us, blessing all.”

It lifts you to the heights! What freedom! What joy! You deserve it!

Your Prayer Team


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“Lord’s Prayer” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Walking in the Light” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Peace Song” – Jill Jackson, Sy Miller