March 27, 2011 – Unfolding The Soul

3/27/11 Reverend David McArthur

On this journey of spiritual awakening, there are some special things we share. Like the gift of being aware of who you are, a beautiful child of God. And then to see the unfolding of a soul – it’s not just something for a minister. And then to appreciate the ordinary. It is ordinary that we are tremendously loved as children of God– loved without limitation or judgment. A simple but important idea – awareness of God moving in and through your life. It’s there. Not like a raisin in a bun, but like the ocean in a wave.

Affirm, “I am a beloved child of God.” If there is something that would make your connection with Spirit deeper, ask for it. Call it forth. It’s ok to have abundance. Affirm the divine love and presence in your life. Build the feeling of having your good. The feeling is important. Talk about what you have gained in the process even if it didn’t look like it manifested. The journey is of tremendous importance. It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the relationship, growing in the divine soul, no matter how we categorize it. It’s the experience of knowing the divine. As we believe and experience the goodness of God it’s ok to have abundance and let your talent and creativity show because you love yourself. It’s ok to love yourself enough to have something that’s special to you. It’s ok because you know that you are loved. And because you grow, you see that light grow in the people you know. It’s ok to empower what’s important in your life, and to recognize that in all the people of the Earth, and to see it in their lives. It is the most beautiful thing. Give thanks that you have gotten that most beautiful gift!

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