March 29, 2015 – Being Completely Connected

03/29/15 Rita Marie Johnson
Being Completely Connected

I was exhausted from overwork and desperate for peace. One night I remembered “coherence” and that it was how to move into peace. I fell asleep and dreamt that the phone rang. I picked it up, “Hello”? “This is God.” “Okayyy…” “You’ve been trying to do too much. Just work on you Rasur Foundation and everything will be all right.” So I resigned from the University and other work. I see now it lead straight to the success of the Foundation and all the way to my new book that I am releasing here today!

I usually didn’t pray until I got desperate about something. I wasn’t connected. My inner phone was off the hook. I led a life of connect—disconnect. Connect—disconnect. You see, my feelings had been taking me away from being connected. But I learned to open, to go under my feelings and find my needs which produced the feelings, and it was coherence that would get me to insight and answers.

And then I got a shock—lymphoma! It was now really time for me to learn to pray. I turned to Myrtle Fillmore’s story. She would take a picture of Jesus as her point of focus. She would talk out loud. She probably told Him she was stuck, that she was discouraged and confused. “I don’t know what I’m doing to block divine healing.” So I did what I imagine Myrtle had done, and I also used the three steps of non-violent communication as prayer. First you name your feelings. There is scientific evidence that this reduces the amygdala’s reactions. Then name your needs. This activates our empathy and we become more compassionate. Thirdly, move into coherence in your heart. The positive aspects, or “good mood” of coherence then enable insight to come to you. My insight was “Look among your virtues.” That didn’t make sense. A virtue blocking me? Oh, I realized, I always thought it was a virtue to keep my feelings to myself. So I won’t swallow them anymore. That’s what is making me sick.

Myrtle had applied it every day and she was healed. So I’d do it every day, not just when I needed it the most. For the first time I had a rich rewarding prayer life. For example, with my lymphoma, I couldn’t fund raise for Rasur. So I named my feelings and needs. That takes the “charge” off. (I have them; they don’t have me.) This time I got “Stand in the glory of the gift you have to give.” What? Oh..if I embody what I teach (to pray every day) then my finances and needs will be met. And they were!

I’d been focused on all that stuff “out there”. We must have a rich prayer life to have any changes in the world. This is the first time I have shared my prayer life. We are divinely designed to become completely connected. Say, I am completely connected through prayer. I am completely connected through prayer. I am completely connected through prayer.