March 6, 2011 – The Path of Letting Go

3/6/11   Reverend David McArthur

How do we let go of what no longer serves us? –of judgments and of judging ourselves? What do we really let go of?

There are 2 processes. 1) affirmation– which we are pretty good at, and 2) denial, which is taking power away from what no longer serves. It is “letting go” of hurt and pain. And also it is letting go of the wonderful things when it is time to move on!

When we try to let go with the head we suppress the feelings, which show up again because there has been no completion. In Unity we have a different way. It is through the power of the heart. We complete what is there. Sometimes it is easy; sometimes we have a lot of drama and pain. Doing it with the heart completes it and it no longer has power over us. When you walk away with peace, you really get to walk away. How?

1. Be honest with yourself. Admit the anger, hurt, or loss that you feel. Look honestly and connect with yourself in a deeper way.

2. Have compassion for yourself when you feel hurt, pain, and loss, and even when you have a wonderful experience that comes to completion. Compassion heals. Understand the pain, but feel the love, the compassion, that sense of care. Feel that touch of the divine which heals. Hold the feelings in your compassion, where the healing takes place. Compassion is love– God’s healing love in you.

3. Feel appreciation. Feel gratitude for what you have gained– the compassion, the wisdom which you can now use in this journey. You are a wise, spiritual being. Say, “Look what I did!– at what I have gained! Look at what I gave myself!”

4. Be neutral. Hold the situation, the feelings in your heart. They are not good, not bad. They don’t have to end, they don’t have to continue. Stay in your heart. Know, “Spirit is taking care of things beyond my understanding.” Let it be. Let it be and be ready for the next step.

5. Ask. The Infinite Intelligence will let it go or change it, but follow the direction you get! When you do your letting go in honesty, in compassion– it completes. The letting go is not about what you let go. It’s about what you are stepping into in Spirit. Let Spirit do Its amazing work in you!
Honesty. Compassion. Appreciation. Neutral. Ask.

Let Spirit do Its amazing work in you, and enjoy!

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