May 10, 2015 – The Forgotten Woman

05/10/15 Rev. Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
The Forgotten Woman

I remember that Moses’ mother put him in a basket in the reeds of the Nile because the pharaoh had dreamed he’d lose his throne to someone just born, so he ordered the slaughter of all newborns. I thought about all those mothers who lost their firstborn, and how they have been forgotten. I thought of all types of forgotten women. The first is our Mother God, the Divine Feminine. God was always “Father” until I got to Unity. Being raised that masculine was better than feminine meant as a girl I couldn’t be powerful or win at monopoly. I learned that I had to dumb down. I was told to let the boys win most of the time.

Later when I came to Unity, I studied “Mother, Father, God”. I read in the Bible where “God created them male and female.” We are all created both male and female because the two sets of characteristics are necessary. For example, in healing, masculine seeks out healing modalities and administers them. Female sets up systems of care, nurturing, and support, and both together create wholeness, healing, balance.

It is essential to wholeness that the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine work together to create balance for our lives and our world. The way to do this is to align with her. There is another forgotten woman: Mother Earth. We have not cared or nurtured or sustained her. To bring wholeness and balance, align with the feminine Earth.

Then there is the forgotten feminine aspect of our men. When they’re small, they are told not to play with a doll, “don’t cry”, “be a man.” That which makes them whole and nurturing to their women, we take from them. We need them to align with the Divine Feminine.

And in women, the forgotten woman is our lost selves, the aspects of ourselves that we put away to gain money and power. Masculine-ized to function in the world, we put our Divine Feminine away. When the masculine and feminine work together it is maximum power!

So what is our role? To be aware as we move through our lives and function in the workplace and raise our children, to balance masculine and feminine in ourselves. When we can align masculine and feminine in equal power, what a wonderful world!

The process is to go to your heart. Let kindness, tenderness, gentleness, and love wash over you like a warm bath. “Mother, please come. Let the light within shine like the sun. Let my heart expand to hold everyone. Mother please come.” For the next 30 days (the “3” represents triad, synthesis, the trinity, completeness. The “0”: eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness) join us as we hold this for each other together, calling forth the Divine Mother. Thank you!