May 13, 2012 – The Divine Mother Feeling

5/13/12 Rev. David McArthur

There are many paths of spiritual growth. Motherhood is one of them. Fondly, we recall our mothers’ counsel and comfort. “If this is the worst thing that happens to us today, then we’ll be ok.” “If you ever want something, come and talk to me.” And even on her deathbed, one mother rallied herself to open her eyes and tell her daughter, “Everything is just fine.”

Author Patricia Grabow, recounting some of the most difficult times in her life, stated, “There’s something about hugging your mother after you’ve come through a bad time yourself.” When you hug your mother, you are stepping into the energy, the aura, that is Mother—the expression of divine mother. You are in the arms of the one who has said, “Yes, I’ll be mother to you.” No matter the journey and mistakes you’ve made. It is tangible. You can feel the love.

Your mother is that expression. It is an amazing gift to you that she allows the divine presence of love to flow through her in spite of her difficulties. Sometimes, struggling through difficult patterns herself, her ability to allow the flow was severely limited; sometimes she was just not able to allow the flow at all. As you recall those moments, hold yourself in compassion; hold your mother in compassion. Open to that divine mother who gave birth to your divine, infinite being. Allow that love to heal you and to heal your mother.

And there is always mother’s wisdom. No mother would put their child to bed on the top bunk in Super man jammies. Even as the family around the dinner table complains of their many failures that day, she declares “Let’s celebrate! If it’s true that from our biggest failures we learn the most, then today was great—we learned a lot!” It is that you were loved by Mom just because you are. She lets that divine love flow through to you.

We all have this divine mother in us. Affirm, “The divine mother’s love fills my heart and flows through my life!” That makes this a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day. Bless you!