May 15, 2016 09:30 – The Science of the Heart

Unity of Walnut Creek
Dr. Rollin McCraty: Science Of The Heart

Our research at the HeartMath Institute has found there is intuition of the head and of the heart, but that of the heart is by far the strongest. It responds first and then messages the brain which then leads to the body’s response, like the hair rising on the back of the neck, for example. It appears the heart has access to a field of information outside of time and space. That’s the terminology I used in publishing this information for my scientific peers. At the Institute of HeartMath we call it our large. But between us, if it’s something else outside of time and space, it is what you call the higher self, spiritual self, Spirit, soul, God. In the scientific exploration of the heart we have found awareness we are spiritual beings as well as physical.

We now know that we are connected in a way that is not just metaphorical. In exploring this capacity, we find we all have an ability to transfer information among us. There is electromagnetic energy which transmits information very much like your cell phone. The heart opens us to this and the heart deepens our capacity for it. It is the major player in this bio-electric field.

I’m told several people facing major challenges right here in your congregation have said they feel the prayers said for their healing. This is more than an intuitive connection. When we send intentions of healing and health to another, depending on our vibrational pitch, and the more we are attuned, the more powerfully the intention travels from the higher self through the heart. It literally lifts our consciousness and we become more aligned and have more power to change things in our world globally.

In science we measure things, like the magnetic energy of the Earth. We have placed 8 magnetometers around the world. We have found resonant frequencies just like those in the heart. We have found that when these frequencies are higher, so too are those of people. We… – Captured Live on Ustream at