May 20, 2012 – Pinocchio – The Choice That Leads to Mastery

5/20/12 Rev. David McArthur

We desire to master the material realm to draw forth all we need so we can accomplish what we came for, and to master our spiritual being to bring forth our very highest. In a marvelous story, “Pinocchio”, Geppetto, a creator symbol, brings forth this limited being, Pinocchio. Given life, he first has to master the experience of growth. He joyfully goes to school, but this is a world of choice and, like we do, Pinocchio gets sidetracked by fame and fortune. When he wants to go back home, he isn’t allowed to leave; he is caged. There is something which happens when we give our power to something outside of ourselves– we can’t go home.

Jesus said, “You cannot serve two masters.” Not both faith and things. Pinocchio goes back to school—but then, again, leaves for Pleasure Island. He joins a group which tells him what to want. When our validation comes from outside, we lie to ourselves. What will fulfill you? Out there, “they” tell you, expressing their ideas. We want to cover up our fears by getting “their” approval. We need to learn self awareness, become aware that we had been experiencing “fact”, not cause.

We are not our animal body. We were on our journey long before developing that. Pinocchio, expressing his animal awareness, becomes a donkey and has to go down into the mine to work, out of the light. It wasn’t easy, but he ran from the island. He returns home, but it is empty, Geppetto is not there. This is one of the most difficult parts of our journey. It is the dark night of the soul, when you look within and do not find a presence there. It is when we have entered into the density, the belief that we find validation without. We have looked outward because the fear of lack and separation is greater than awareness of our God. You have to look deep into your fears in your subconscious, the ocean, and Monstro, the whale dives deep. Pinocchio, swallowed by the whale, finds Creator—Geppetto—who doesn’t become powerful and make everything better—no, he just loves Pinocchio, just the way he is. Love transforms Pinocchio, and the presence flows through him. He builds a fire, the transformative power, which provides the way out. Pinocchio dies (to the belief he is the physical) but is brought back to life by the Blue fairy, who brings awareness of his spiritual power. From choosing love, he becomes a real live boy, as we become real live spiritual beings able to allow the flow of love within, of overcoming fear of lack and separation.  We came to take the part of real live spiritual beings, and live “happily ever after”.