May 27, 2012 – Celebrating the Gifts and the Source

5/27/12 Rev. David McArthur

We are spiritual beings, working on expanding our awareness, but our minds focus on the concrete. If you really want to know, you have to give up your judgment of how things look. Jesus said, “Do not work for food which spoils, but food which does not spoil.” It starts by a shift to awareness of the Source, from which the goodness flows. A shift to the awareness of your connection to the presence of the divine. When you focus on the giver, the Source, the true gifts are known.

Even in great pain from losing a loved one or from suffering tremendous guilt, value the beautiful life there. See the gift that was given. See the gift in the willingness of an addict to say, “I need help.” See the gift of those who can provide the skills for recovery and healing. God is good all the time. When we see the real gifts, we recognize the source and can touch it with our hearts.

You might ask, is there goodness when a wonderful being dies young? A life whose promise would never be fulfilled? You hear the answer, “It’s only God, and God is absolute goodness, so it’s all good.” That’s a hard teaching. But would you rather not have had the wonderful time with this person just to avoid your sorrow? What was there was the gift of goodness. It doesn’t mean we don’t travel through pain, through loss. But when we see the real gift, we touch the soul. Look for the real gift, even if the part of the journey you are on is difficult now. Look for the Giver, the Source, always there caring for you throughout your life.

Enjoy the gift; enjoy the giver!