May 29, 2011 – Welcome Home (Silence)

5/29/11   Reverend David McArthur

Here our experience of spiritual community is a feeling that we’ve come home. It feels like home because it is in harmony with something inside, that everyone is a spiritual being completely and fully loved by that infinite power, love, and light. Being with people that know that is like being home. Here we have acknowledgment and support that in every spiritual path we are all a part of that spiritual feeling. It is strong here because we keep creating that energy here that everyone is loved and welcome.

We have a commitment to transform feelings of separation because we are one. It’s the truth. One source moving, creating through us all. We reach for it again and again. Be grateful to know that is what you are reaching for, to experience the truth whatever Spirit invites you to step into – a greater experience of family or home – that’s how Spirit touches the Earth. We translate that feeling of love and connection of home into our feelings. But the feeling of home isn’t “home”. There is a place of home in us all. We step into home in the silence. Whatever we are experiencing in life, we step into a deeper level in the silence. And there is nothing there and yet it is so full. Don’t think about it. When we rest there it wells up that which we can’t explain and it lifts us up. First our mind is busy figuring it all out. Then we focus on the feelings which take us there – the feelings of divine connection – take us to where we sit on the edge of that silence, and then we let go. And we rest in silence.

In that silence, not feeling oneness – we are simply one – being one with that one – from there. Something that is so hard to describe. We see – we feel – life differently. Our thoughts are different. What we see changes. How much easier it is to see the “being” of another! How much easier it is to see the beauty of the Earth!
Somewhere between the words is a moment where it is just still. Just being. Somewhere the silence reaches out and takes you in and says, “Just be.” And you see that wherever you are, you are whole!

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