November 13, 2011 – From Sleeping Beauty to Freedom

11/13/11 Rev. David McArthur

In our great fairy tales the story characters are us. Sleeping Beauty (reflects the female, feeling part of the soul) is raised without knowing her parents. So too are we asleep to the knowledge that we are children of God, heir to all the goodness and authority of the kingdom. We are asleep to our power.

We are also the Prince, the male aspect which knows we are heir to the divine and that part of us which is to do the work. And we are also the evil fairy– the fear with all the power wrapped up in it. It captures the prince and imprisons him. We are in prison, controlled.

“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” But the first thing we do is figure out how the other person is so wrong. We blame anyone else. But the only thing in our way is us. Nobody has power over you but that you are willing to play the game. It isn’t given away unless you give it to someone.

The ring of thorns around the castle are the negative thoughts you hold–how you think someone else has the power. The prince cuts through with the sword of truth. Use your wisdom and guidance and cut through. You have the power and wisdom to accomplish anything in your life. When faced with fear, transform the situation with heart vulnerability. Look within with complete honesty. Where you have power and respect for yourself, that’s heart vulnerability. See clearly: “There is only one presence, and one power in the universe and in my life, the all loving goodness of God.” That’s the truth.

“God is good all the time!” slays the dragon of fear. There is only good, only God. You can take hold of it anywhere, any time. Touch it at depth through your feeling nature, that feeling of love. Wake up to who you are. The power/beauty/knowledge is within you. When you get to the point, “what do I do?”, when you are stuck in your fear, stop and take hold of your truth. Use the beauty and power of your being to step through. Enter into that beautiful place within yourself known as “happily ever after”.