November 23, 2014 – Something Wonderful Is Happening Right Now

11/23/14 Rev. Mary Omwake
Something Wonderful Is Happening Right Now

Aloha! When you say “aloha” don’t you just feel happy? Your whole body opens up. “A” means “from the very first light from the beginning” and “lo” means “eternal”. “Ha”—we share the breath of God. “A-lo-ha”—from the very beginning, forever, we share the breath of God. “Aloha” lifts your vibration.

We live in vibration; that’s really all there is. We all want to live in a vibration where the highest and best comes. But a shock, a disappointment, takes the vibration way down. Then we don’t understand what’s going on. We’re not living in alignment with Spirit and our dream inside. We are less able to handle our troubles. Drama is created, and your vibration can be seen in everything that comes out of your mouth. But the universe must match your vibration. It’s all there is. If that is what you want, it gives you more. It says, “repeat!”

Jesus said that when you wake (when you know you created your troubles), you will be disturbed. But when you know, “you will be with me forever.” So when trouble comes, go down there, find out how you created it and clear the stuff out and come back. Seek and don’t stop until you find. Its the best worst thing that ever happens. And so when trouble comes, you know something wonderful is happening right now! The word for it is “apocatastisis.

If someone takes your parking space, say apocatastisis! Something wonderful is happening right now! It is the constant awareness of ever unfolding good. It keeps your vibration up to know this.

A CEO in Detroit dreamed of raising big horn cattle. He sold everything he had and left a high salary, power and prestige behind. He bought land in Oklahoma, but there was no water on it. He went to his spiritual mentor, who told him, “Apocatastisis. (Something wonderful is happening right now.)” He started drilling for water and soon had spent all his money without finding it. His mentor again told him, “Apocatastisis.” He spent all he could borrow from the bank, and from family and friends. No water. He was desperate. Again his adviser told him, “Apocatastisis.” With only enough money left for one or two more drills, he hit oil! The largest strike in Oklahoma ever. He never did find water, but now he can truck in all he wants for his herd. Apocatastisis.

Years ago I was on the beach in Maui listening to an interview with Warren Buffet. When asked when he might retire, he said, “Retire?! Everyday I get to do work I love with people I cherish.” It is the constant awareness of ever unfolding good. Apocatastisis! Something good is happening right now! God bless you!