October 10, 2010 – Welcome Home

Reverend David McArthur

It starts with the pull on your heart, a sense that there must be something more, or even sometimes it might be a “Wow!– it’s time to get on with that.” As a spiritual being you are constantly called to be that amazing being which you are. But there comes a time you can no longer say,“maybe later”. God says to you, “It is time.”

When your life is at a point of expansion, your ego tells you that you do not have enough. Fear of not enough is one of the things that keeps us from our good. With God there is more than enough. So when the tug comes from the heart, do not ask,”how much?” God is your source. Ask what is on your heart. Part of the growing is to follow your heart.    Do what you can do and Spirit will provide. When we more forward, what we need is provided. The work we have to do is the change in consciousness. The question is not “How much?”, but “How do we meet our challenge in a higher way?”

So often we fall asleep, thinking we are 3D beings and the world is acting upon us– providing or not providing. But God asks, “Where is your power?” The greatest power in the universe is love. It is our job not to blame those who bring our challenges, but to love them! And when the power company wouldn’t let us move in, we resolved that challenge by loving them. Then we could invite the world to join us, because we do know our truth, that when we hear “no” it simply means we’ve got some growing to do. There has never before been so many souls that know our source is Spirit, and we need to hold that place.

It is fitting that our homecoming is 10/10/10. “10” is the number of completion. And when you are there, at “completion”, you are also at “beginning”.