October 18, 2009 – Loving Our Fears

Rev. David McArthur

The 23rd psalm has calmed fear for millennia. In this new millennium, it couldn’t be more powerful or timely:

Spirit cares for me; everything needed is given.

She made me for lying down in green pastures;

She is the serene Provider.

In Spirit I return to wholeness;

Following the light of Spirit I tread a path of truth.


Yes, even though I go through the darkest of times,

I am not afraid, for You are always with me.

Your corrections and guidance comfort me.

You honor and celebrate me in spite of all my fears;

You shield me from distraction; I live in true abundance.


I know goodness and mercy will always be with me

And I will live in the light of Your presence forever.

And so it is.

— Your Prayer Team