October 31, 2010 – Dumbledore Speaking The Word

Reverend David McArthur

Stories of magic catch us deeply because we are magical beings. They invited us into “I can do that.” Symbolically, the magic wand is to focus your attention on your intention. And you have to have the words of your incantation. Not all words are equal. Prayer isn’t to convince a power outside of yourself to change something for you. We at Unity focus our attention on the power we have within. Charles Fillmore said, “The Spiritual substance from which comes all wealth is never depleted. It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands upon it… Pour your faith upon it and you will be prospered though all the banks in the world close their doors.” It’s got to be a combined energy. Focus your attention and use words of prayer to bring forth greater manifestation to serve your life better.

Speaking thought into words gives it vibration, brings it into the material realm. The most powerful words are those which are aligned to that which is true. How do we pick up and align to those words? Our God is divine pure love with nothing but desire to bring the best to each of us. Our God isn’t limited. You are loved and you can’t do anything about that. When we pick up that love we pick up power.

Priests and ministers don’t know your words. How do you find them? Emily Cady told us how to move intention into manifestation. In her silence she heard the words: “Stretch forth your hand…and I will establish it.” She heard that our hands are God’s hands. We are co-creators. It’s our power. Own your power, it’s your spiritual nature. The words are in your heart. That infinite intelligence which is there for you knows them for you.

When desiring to speak the word, “wait thou in silence only.” Then the right word will be given and power with it. When something needs to change the real answer comes from the silence within you. Call forth that which is to be called forth. Give what is to be given. Affirm, “Divine love goes before me making easy, joyous, and successful my way.” We can have life easy, joyous, and successful because God would have it no other way!