September 13, 2015 – Experiencing Self-Forgiveness

09/13/15  Rev. David McArthur
Experiencing Self-Forgiveness

It is easy here on Sunday to go into that place within where you are completely loved, completely at peace, where there is no room for that past stuff, just love—feeling complete unconditional love. It’s always there. The problem is getting there on Monday, with the people at the office and with family. How do we get there, with all the guilt we carry for what we’ve done even long ago? Self-forgiveness! When we get to self-forgiveness we can get to the peace.

Have you ever noticed that peace and guilt don’t go together? When we have guilt it’s when we have perceived the universe as out of balance. Jesus taught, “…forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us… But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” In this, “the Father above” means the divine power we each have within to let go or to hang on! It’s our power, our choice.

Charles Fillmore wrote the book Prosperity, and said that connecting with debt is a feeling of being out of balance. If we hang onto it, we get (have) it. If we let go, we dissolve that idea inside us. There was a lawyer with a couple of substantial bills owed him. Every time he thought about the debtors, he said, “oh, I am out of balance” and then he’d see them as whole and complete. In a surprisingly short time, on the same day, he got a check from each paying up in full! Why did it happen? Because it no longer was real within him. How do we do it?

I have a dear friend who had a lot of guilt that his alcoholism had hurt so many. We talked of how the divine presence of love will heal and release. But his childhood experience had not been about a God of love. He could think of it, but he could not feel it. Additionally, in his family he was always “not good enough.” I asked if there weren’t someone in his life that just loved him. He said, “My grandmother loved me as I was! All my life! ” So he imagined her bringing her unconditional love to his guilt, and his guilt just faded away.

The capacity to receive love often came to us in the form of the feminine. Imagine that divine feminine/Grandma/Mom/special person/Infinite Love—has their arms around you. (Hug yourself.) Relax into that feeling of love. I am loved! Feel that wonderful presence of love (hugging yourself). There is no judgment whatsoever. I am loved! Accept its gift. I am free! That’s what’s there, isn’t it?!!
So on Monday when you walk into the office and someone starts their stuff (if the air-conditioning is on, no one will notice you cross your arms on your chest) say to yourself, I am loved! I am free! Do it when you’re with the people in your family that make you fell guilty faster than anyone else. This is a week of self-forgiveness. I am loved! I am free! Enjoy it! Bless you!