September 5, 2010 – From Heffalumps to Wholeness

Rev. David McArthur

Like Winnie the Pooh, we can be stuck in “not enough”, projecting the past into the future. Like Piglet, we see what we expect to see. And we keep repeating the pattern. Is there something that we would like to change? We forget how. Life is the reflection of our consciousness. Our thoughts/feelings create it, and we ourselves keep it the way it is. But whether we want to change things with co-workers or relatives or financial situations, know that these things are all really spiritual problems needing spiritual solutions.

We need to go to a higher power, like the woman who touched Jesus’ garment. The “twelve years” of her suffering signify she had completed her spiritual work and was open to healing. Her new perception was that she would be whole by touching a greater power, the presence of God. Today, when our energy is drained, our life force drawn from us, we have to touch the higher consciousness– that which is conscious of the Presence. We have to touch God, the higher awareness. It is there. It needs to be there. (That goodness, wholeness.) Transform your consciousness. Touch the wholeness which is God.

The Bhagavad Gita asks, “Do you have the patience to wait till the mud settles and the water is clear,” until you are able to be filled with a higher consciousness? Then “the right action will arise. Not seeking fulfillment, …open to all things.” See the Presence; open to It. It brings that which is highest. Welcome all things. The Divine teaches, “I Am the Self abiding in the heart of all beings.” The Divine Presence is what is there that guides us to wholeness.

When we smash through to the higher vision, then we are free to see something different– we go from lack to plenty– in the consciousness of the Presence saying, “How I do love you!” and answer, as Pooh does, “me too!”