September 9, 2012 – Spirit in Healing

9/9/12 Rev. David McArthur & Dr. Len Saputo

We have the most effective bio-feedback instrument ever created. It tells us when it’s time to do some spiritual work. It’s called the body. Spiritual Life comes into the world, and into our experience, as the body.
Dr. Len Saputo supports us via the medical profession. “My work and your work, [David], is the same work.” Body attune-ment can be medical or spiritual. The body is not just different parts, but one thing—integrated mind, body, and spirit. We are spiritual beings on a physical path.

Two years ago Dr. Saputo had a hip replacement but developed a life-threatening case of cobalt poisoning. “I made peace with God because I was totally convinced I would die.” Dr. Saputo’s colleagues were convinced he had an infection, as the cobalt poisoning in this kind of situation was relatively unknown. But Dr. Saputo’s insight and guidance from within said it was something different. “God and I had a chat. I became humble; I knew dying was not my decision. But I had family and friends; I had knowledge to share. So I let go and told God, ‘Whatever it is You want, it’s ok.’” Where ever you go there are always advisers, but the decider is always within. “It was frightening to go against my colleagues. But my heart was telling me something different.” After the second hip replacement surgery, Dr.Saputo was told there was no infection. It had been the cobalt poisoning.

We need to evolve to a higher level of consciousness and ask, “How can I be of service; what can I give or share?” It’s a matter of Trust. Let go and let God do the work. He knows what he’s doing. All the worry in the world won’t solve anything. And when we accept our inner guidance there comes a feeling of peace. It’s part of knowing we are really connected—the overwhelming feeling of peace.

Another part of an experience like this, in which you are asked to let go and let God, is coming forward into the next level of service and purpose of life. It is saying, “yes”. You can revolve around all that’s going wrong in our world, or you can stop and evolve. Just do the first foot of your “1000 mile journey”. Without you doing it, it won’t happen. That will change the world, little by little. You might evolve a few friends, or a city! Do it together and we will have a better world!

That spiritual flow is you—you are the wisdom and power that is here to uplift the world. Say yes!