July 24, 2011 – Water to Wine: Prosperity Steps

7/24/11 Rev. David McArthur

“God forgives you and so do I. I send you peace.” As we forgive we heal and open to that great flow of peace and abundance, to the goodness of God. When we look at Jesus turning the water into wine, we realize that divine intention and energy show up in the material realm as well. It is the experience of opening to the universal process, of attuning to a different level of consciousness, like the wine is so different from the water. Mary stands for the intuitive sensing of the need for transformation. We sense it when it relates to oneself. We often respond, as Jesus said, “My time is not yet come.” But be patient with yourself, you are ready to accept the maturation needed.

The stone water jars represent the structured set way of thinking, like we always tell ourselves everything that is wrong with what we intuitively are drawn to do. The pouring of the water, the pure energy, into these limitations, is the change, the spiritual intelligence, the possibilities. As the “water” is drawn, the master identifies that the good wine is now. It is a demonstration of Divine Intelligence.

When something doesn’t work, we often take it as a sign. But it is a point in the process at which we are to press harder for the transformation. Jesus was the master at transformation. We have to work harder. It is not a personal lack in our lives. The truth is there is spiritual purpose that this is flowing through us.

Even when there is no support or resources for transformation, with desire, (the point where we sense the need of transformation, as did Mary), draw out of that jar. What is in there is what is needed. There is expansion. The real limitations we knew fade. Respect and support are drawn to the person – the “good wine” is there. Within it is the intelligence to bring forth that which transforms. What do we do with the capacities we have, the challenges? The answer is in the spiritual power we have to focus our thoughts and intentions on the possibility, to open the door and let it flow with ease and grace. Being about it is what brings the flow, the joy. Everything we need is there. Call it forth. Call for the good wine.

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