March 17, 2013 – Why Pray?

3/17/13 Rev. Sheila Gautreaux
Why Pray?

God knows our hearts, our every desire. So why pray? The word “prayer” comes from a word with two meanings: 1st, ‘to set a trap’. So when we pray we are setting up to trap the attributes, the characteristics of God, like love, peace, joy, wisdom, perfect health, perfect relationships. 2nd, it means ‘to make an adjustment’. When you pray you open to the attributes of God and you adjust. So when the storm comes, it does not have so much power because you can project the attributes of God into it. In that sense, the storm is birthing you! It strengthens your God muscle. Exercise it daily. Walk daily with God. And when you come upon a storm, you know you will be greater in the sunshine that’s on the other side.

It’s one thing to pray everyday. It’s another to have a relationship with God. It brings the rain-shelters and umbrellas so you have them when the storms come. How do we do that? The Unity 5 Step Method is a basic foundation.

1. Just sit. It’s not about doing, but being.

2. Focus inward. You could use “Come Holy Spirit” or “The breath of god is breathing me”. Use whatever brings your attention inward.

3. It’s not begging or asking, but reflecting on the love and goodness of God to give what you are wanting. Or meditate on the attributes of God. God already knows what you need, so picture yourself receiving.

4. Realize it’s already yours. God’s good pleasure is to give you the kingdom of Heaven. Realize it. Know it.

5. Gratitude. I know that I know that I know! You need to know how your Creator feels and acts toward you! God adores Its creations! It is well pleased with Its creation—you! Give thanks.

What shows up is the result of your relationship with your Creator. All we need is a critical mass of 1% to change the whole world at depth. Then people will say, “I don’t want to fight. I don’t need this assault weapon to bring peace.” Try it! We try on shoes; we take a test drive in a car. So try it!