July 14, 2013 – Abundance Principles

7/14/13 Rev. David McArthur
Abundance Principals

You are a beautiful child of God, a beautiful spiritual being, with spiritual assignments and challenges—challenges like “not enough”. We might experience it financially and emotionally, as individuals and as a community. We might feel we are not drawing support and wisdom from family and friends. We might not be allowing ourselves to be provided for with abundance in our lives.

We have learned in our response to feelings of lack to put God first and pray. We pray to open our hearts and minds to accept the loving abundance that we know is always there. We pray to let this awareness in. “God is my instant, constant, abundant supply. I am grateful for more than enough.”

Our second response is love and appreciation. We acknowledge the loving abundance flowing into and through our lives, and appreciate the wonderful people in our lives. We have also learned that putting God first means we tithe the first ten percent, from love, and through this experience of love, all else follows. There is also the principal of balance. We are most effective at allowing the flow of abundance in our lives when we are in balance, like not spending more than we have coming in.

The Law of Mind Action—thoughts and emotions in mind produce their kind—is referred to by Eric Butterworth in Spiritual Economics, “If ever there is lack of any kind, whether it is a need for employment, or money, or for guidance, or even healing, something is blocking the flow. And the most effective remedy: Give!” Give!—change from the feeling of lack to the feeling of rich abundance. It is a different, powerful state of consciousness. In his book Prosperity, Charles Fillmore says, “God is the divine givingness of the universe. In your spiritual quest you are striving to establish alignment with that givingness.”

Spirit understands that we want to see proof. Some see it quickly, others not so. This is not a magic bullet. It comes according to one’s alignment to universal laws of abundance. Step into the alignment of consciousness with that divine givingness. Give from the never ending flow of God’s goodness. “God is my instant, constant, abundant supply. I am grateful for more than enough, for more wisdom, creative opportunity, beautiful peace, and love to heal all that stands in the way of abundance!” Bless you!