February 12, 2012 – Spiritual Rules of the Road

2/12/12 Rev. Bill Englehart

Cars are a shared experience we all have. If we look at them metaphysically, we can deepen our understand of ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a book of spiritual “rules of the road”? But do we use an old map, the old way of doing things, for life as it is now, like using an old map of Missouri to find our way around California?

Are we allowing ourselves to evolve and respond to what we need now? What fed us ten years ago is not what we need now. As Dale Earnhardt put it, it’s a constant battle to make the cars better and to be a better driver, too. Are we using a map of lack to find the place of good and plenty? If we have been “wandering in the desert for 40 years”, which is metaphysically the time for full unfoldment, then it is time for our thoughts to change, to go from intellectual wisdom to spiritual wisdom and to begin taking divine direction.

Do you trust God as much as your GPS? Do you ignore that spiritual tap on your shoulder until it becomes a nudge, or until it is a 2 x 4? If you were to answer that tap sooner, you’d have a lot less problems. Joseph must have felt really angry and frustrated, like his needs were left unmet, when his firstborn was being born in a cow manger amidst animals. But surely those thoughts dissolved with the arrival of the gifts of the magi. We must dissolve the corrosive thoughts in our minds like Coca Cola dissolves the corrosion on a car battery. If we keep our minds on the gifts that are coming, we will move into the promised land. Mario Andretti said, “If you believe in it, it is honorable…If you have a real passion for it, just do it.” It’s a constant reminder that God is in control, whether you lead the pack or are behind it.

Are you stuck in a spiritual traffic jam? We think we’re each alone in our own car but we are not really alone. If seen from above, we are connected to all the other cars in the traffic pattern, and we affect all the other drivers. We are connected to all others by the thoughts we hold. Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts to affect the whole of us. Enjoying life is not about how fast we go down the road, but about enjoying the road we’re on!